Choosing the Right Cabinets for Your Garage

Cabinets in the GarageThe garage can be a tough place to organize. It's home to a wide range of items, and it's also put through more rigorous use. Every time the main door is opened, the entire space is subjected to freezing cold or hot temperatures, the moisture from outside and wind. Cars may drive in and out of the space, exposing everything to exhaust and pollution. While you're trying to get organized, you're also looking for cabinets and shelving that can withstand the extreme conditions, carry the heavy loads and provide you with functional storage.

Heavy Metal
One of the best materials for any garage system is high-grade metal. Stainless steel and coated metal are both durable enough to handle the higher humidity levels, and the temperature changes won't damage them. It also provides you with the necessary strength to support your power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and specialty items.

Enclosed Cabinets
People often put shelves in their garages, but enclosed systems are actually preferable. The beauty of a cabinet with doors is that it blocks out pollution, cuts back on dust and provides you with a little more privacy. You can lock up power tools to keep them away from the kids and minimize the risk of theft. They also look sharp with the matching finish, so you can have your garage looking neat and tidy even if it's a little disorganized.

Think Maintenance
One issue with garages is that they do need regular maintenance. The floor needs to be cleaned occasionally, and you may decide to have the concrete sealed for an added level of protection. This can be hard to do when the walls are lined with plastic shelves or stacked bins. A better option is cabinets that are either mounted to the walls or set on rollers. When you leave several inches between the cabinet and the floor, it's easier to hose down the floor and scrub it clean. If cabinets are on rollers, then you can simply take them out of the garage while you work.

A place like Gladiator Garageworks has everything you're looking for in garage storage options. As you get your space organized with attractive cabinets and storage systems, you'll start enjoying it more. Rather than trying to ignore the garage and avoid the hassle, you might spend time out there enjoying your favorite hobbies. It all starts with the right organizational tools and options.

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