Building a Tennis Court in Your Household

Tennis can be played on any surface that is smooth and even, either indoors or outdoors. The best way to develop a desirable tennis court is to have a good deal of expert attention. Among many courts, the grass court is the best one for garden and home purposes. A home tennis court is the best way out for family and friends for a great level of recreation. At the same time, grass tennis court is the most artistic and beautiful.Grass Court

If you want to enjoy this luxury with your family members and your friends, you can decide to build a tennis court in your household.

Let us know some important factors about what it takes to build a grass tennis surface.

Quality of the site surface

First of all you have to select a site where you want to construct the tennis surface. If the natural ground surface of the location is prolific, you do not require spending that much dollar. On the other hand, if the natural surface layer is poor and the soil is thin, you have to bring good quality soil and buy fertile grass from outside meadow or farm.

If the grass is not even but the soil is rich, you will have more or less a satisfactory result. Your expenses will be much cheaper while removing all the sod and sowing down the grasses in the late summer. It is better to repeat the sowing process early in the spring. If you want to use your court from the very first year, you have to get a sturdy sod, or else the young grass of the tennis surface will be worn off.

Arranging for drainage

Whereas constructing of a grass tennis court is concerned, it is quite easier to build it compared to clay courts. However, if the soil of the site is thick and heavy, some sort of foundation needs to be offered to flow the under-soil. If it is on unfavorable soil, tile drains are set up first much before the turf is replaced. However, sometimes no under-ground drainage is needed for the grass court. If the soil is light and there is side and end drainage on the edges of the court, water will not accumulate and remain on the surface for longer times.

Preparing the tennis surface

When there is no need of setting up drainage, the constructing process will become much easier. The first thing is to remove grass layers and keep them aside carefully for later use. The sod should be lifted in squares of 15 and 18 inches and cut down to 6 inches. Keep the sod protected from the sun. When the perfect level is achieved, grass sods can be sown.

There is another situation when the different process needs to be followed. If the growth of grass is poor, it is worth removing the entire sodding and sow grass seeds to the surface. If you think that your turf is poor, it is better to decide to get a grass tennis court built in the fall of the winter. This is because the winter storms will put everything to right and bring out the weak points of the surface. In the middle of March, you can get the tennis court construction workers to do the job for you.

Enjoying your grass court

It is exciting to try your hands out at the grass court during the warm weather. You will have a mesmerizing feeling when the green of the lawn will touch your feet and soothe your eyes. What can be expected more from your court than getting the aromas of the fresh greens to make your pastime pleasurable?

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