Bring Modern Design to Your Outdoor Space

Modern design exudes elegance and simplicity that can give any space a timeless appeal. Focusing on clean, simple lines and open spaces, this style accentuates the beauty of an area through minimalism and subtlety. As such, it can transform your outdoor space into a haven that radiates with peacefulness and style.

Keep your colour scheme simple

A colour palette of just a few subtle hues can bring a sense of tranquillity to your modern garden. Since modern design is all about minimalism and simplicity, you should opt for two or three colours tops. Different shades of grey are always welcome in a modern space and you can implement them through materials, hardscape elements and decorative details. In combination with green, such a subtle hue becomes lively, peaceful and elegant. Warm natural tones that come from wood, off-whites and sandy tones are also popular in modern design. Brighter colours are used for accent details or implemented through flowers. When picking a colour scheme for your outdoor space, try to choose hues that are complementary with your general home design.

Accentuate the form of greenery

Not only are different plants introduced to add a soothing splash of green, but they are also used to bring a sense of harmony through formal repetitions. Modern gardens celebrate plants in the form of cones, blocks and spheres, which gives them a neat, ordered look. You should implement geometric shapes to your outdoor space by picking evergreen plants, such as boxwood, privet and pittosporum, and arranging them in enticing groupings. However, organised geometric shapes shouldn’t take over your garden completely. Instead, you should set these formal plants against loose ornamental plantings. This way, they will stand out and create a balanced modern look in your beautiful nook.

Shade it right

Every lounge area needs some shade that will contribute to its comfort and cosiness. However, use this essential element to introduce style and elegance to your garden. For example, you can implement a modern and chic rotating cantilever umbrella in a subtle hue. Shades like arctic or sandy white, slate grey, charcoal or taupe, shades that perfectly fit into a modern colour scheme. These umbrellas come in different shapes, as well, including octagon or square. A square umbrella, for example, will provide you with an opportunity to repeat the form several times, which will give your garden a harmonious, modern look. The repetition of form is quite popular in modern design since it creates a balanced, ordered look.

Introduce natural materials

Although sleek and minimalist in nature, modern design still has a warm, inviting appeal that you can create by implementing natural materials. Wood and natural stone are among the most popular choices for a modern outdoor space. While wood can be used for furniture, stone will give your outdoor haven a beautiful organic look. You can use it for paving your garden, flower beddings or even accent walls.
As for fabrics, pick durable organic materials that will be suitable for different weather conditions. However, make sure to go with neutral shades and lighter tones because dark ones will warm up easily.

Merge the outdoors with the indoors

Modern design often erases the boundaries between spaces, combining the interior with the exterior in a stylish, enticing way. Outdoor spaces become an extended part of homes, featuring similar designs and colour schemes. If you want to give your outdoor space a homey, luxurious vibe, you should bring the inside out. Separating the spaces with sliding glass doors is one of the easiest and most stylish solutions. Furthermore, glass is always popular in modern design since it gives it a sleek look. Using similar flooring materials will also enable you to create a cohesive look that merges the indoors with the outdoors.

Furniture is also a great way to give your outdoor space an indoor feel. You should pick a sleek, simple furniture design that accentuates clean lines. Organic textured materials are a great option for seating, especially when combined with a stylish area rug. Plush pillows and soft blankets will fill your outdoor space with cosiness and comfort. You can use them in accent colours that are also used inside to create a harmonious look.

Let it shine

You can use lighting to add finishing touches to your modern outdoor haven. Not only can lighting give it a warm, cosy glow, but fixtures can also be used as stylish accent details. Simple pendants can create an indoor-inspired look while string lights are always a great choice for an outdoor space. Another great way to fill your modern sanctuary with warmth is to implement a fire feature, such as a lovely fire pit. This is a popular element in modern design that will create an atmosphere of intimacy and romance.

The subtle beauty of modern design gives it an elegant flair that will transform your outdoor space into a subtle, but sophisticated haven.

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