Best Ways to Design Your Patio within Budget

Patios offer the best opportunity to create an inviting outdoor space. The basic idea here is to make the patio look beautiful as well as welcoming, a place that appears to be really worthy of spending some time at, after a hard day. A quick look at the home designing magazines will give you several ideas to design your patio. Now, the question is, should you go for a mini garden, an elaborate bar and BBQ arrangement or simply an extension of the house with a couple of chairs and a small coffee table?


Getting everything, especially if you are on a budget, may appear to be difficult but a little bit of effort and innovation on your part can help you to create the patio of your dreams.


Flooring is not just for indoors. With concrete, wood and stone, you can make your outdoor space as fashionable as the indoor space.

  • Concrete Patio

Concrete is so commonly used that we often overlook its positive qualities. Rendering a modern appeal, this aids in creating crisply defined edges.

  • Wood Decking

Wooden decks are comfortable and classic and they fit just about anywhere. Remember that wood needs more maintenance than other materials.

You can go for composite decking if you want the look of wood but do not intend to do a lot of maintenance work.

  • Deck Tile

This innovative material creates a modular deck. This is perfect to cover up all the unattractive surfaces or for creating a new patio fast.

  • Stone and Brick

The brick patios come with a charming old world look.

You can also use stone or grass if you have outdoor patio in the backyard. In case the patio is an extension of your house, wood decking will prove to be the best option.


Outdoor furniture is made of a wide variety of materials. If you are looking for patio furniture, you must be looking for products that last long and can look new and fresh for years to come. Some materials are more durable as compared to others and are capacitated to withstand the elements better. To make the best decision while purchasing patio or outdoor furniture, make sure to investigate the characteristics of each of these materials, paying close attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Here is an overview of the materials used in manufacturing patio furniture.

  • Plastic

Durable and weather resistant, this is the least expensive option. Highly portable, this is made of recycled materials. Plastic is not always the best option and may not last as long as other materials.

  • Wood

Patio furniture is made of different types of wood. If you are considering patio cushion storage or chairs, wood will prove to be a great option. You can use them if you are looking for a warmer and more casual look.

The popular wood varieties include pine, cedar, teak, redwood and eucalyptus. Treating wood with sealants and special oils will increase its lifespan substantially.

  • Wicker

Wicker can be both synthetic and natural, giving the outdoor area a rustic and synthetic look. Though the woven wood is durable, it is lightweight. Wicker furniture is perfect to be used outdoor. Just a little bit of care will help to maintain them.

  • Metal

Patio and garden furniture is made of a wide variety of metals. Each of these has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Remember that all patio furniture designed for outdoor use can withstand the elements to some extent. However, some materials are more weather resistant as compared to others. Weather resistant patio furniture can last for years and is an attractive option for all.


You need the right accessories to decorate your patio as otherwise the relaxing ambience will be completely lost.

If you have a small patio, you can cover it with a nice shade. You can get an arbor constructed if your budget permits that. You can also use an awning. They are affordable and offer protection from the Sun or occasional rains. You can also use a patio umbrella. Cover the seating area using these umbrellas.

You can come up with your own ideas for your patio or pick up from the above-discussed ones. With a little bit of effort and innovation, you can ensure your patio a great look.

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