Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors from “The Window Store”

There are many different kinds of doors available today, ranging from French doors to standard solid doors to bi-folding doors. But if you are looking for the ideal door for your property, whether it's to serve as a front door, a side door, or a back door, you know very well that the right choice makes a big difference.image001

You have to consider a plethora of factors in order to make the right decision when it comes to your chosen door. That being said, you may want to consider a bi-folding door due to the many benefits it brings.

Bi-folding doors: a combination of practicality and style

Standard, solid doors are all well and good, but if you are looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your property, be it in an office or commercial enterprise or your own residence, bi-folding doors will always prove to be a good choice. Bi-folding doors are known both for their practicality and elegance, and are indeed a wonderful addition to any property. Below are a few more reasons why a bi-folding door may be just what you need:

Better access to your exteriors

If you would like to have a door that gives you better access to your exteriors, such as a garden, a patio, a terrace, or a conservatory, then a bi-folding door fits the bill. With a bi-folding door, you will automatically be able to ‘bring the outdoors in' without any effort. A well-chosen and well-designed set of bi-folding doors will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space whilst being comfortably indoors.

More natural light

With a quality set of bi-folding doors, such as the ones available from The Window Store (check out their full range at http://windowstoreplastics.co.uk), you will be able to let more natural light into your interior space. This is great if you have a restaurant or retail space, for example, which gives a room a brighter, airier look and showcases your décor (and retail products) at the same time. With more natural light coming in, you may not even have to make use of electric lights that often, thus reducing your electricity bill as well.

Compactness and flexibility

Compared to other types of doors, such as sliding doors, bi-folding doors are more compact, as they take up much less space, even when they are kept open. This is due to the fact that their concertina feature lets the door hinge back on itself rather than slide behind an additional door or window. With this, you can easily open up your entire wall. On the other hand, sliding doors often require an additional door in which they can be slid behind, which requires more space.

Furthermore, bi-folding doors can be opened fully or be opened according to a particular width in the frame, and you can also customise them in such a way that the windows or separations open in different spots. Compared to a standard door which can only be opened with a single width, a bi-folding door is definitely more flexible.

There are many other benefits to bi-folding doors, such as the fact that they are infinitely better-looking than a regular door and they are easy to maintain as well - so it follows that if you choose a bi-folding door, you will not be likely to regret it.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    My dad is planning to build a commercial apartment building in the vacant parking lot he owns downtown. He wants to add a small swimming pool in the property to add its value. If he proceeds to do so, I believe it would be great if he hires a commercial door installation service to add a bi-folding door from the building’s common area to the pool. As you said, this door would make accessing the pool area easier for the residents and would also bring more natural light to the common area. I’ll suggest this to my dad when he arrives home later. Thanks!

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