Aluminium windows – why should you choose them?

Wooden, plastic, steel and aluminium windows are available on the market. The last ones are durable and look great in rooms with wide glazings. Aluminium windows have many more pros than cons and that’s why you should definitely pick them for your house or company. They are resistant to corrosion and incredibly airtight as well as resilient for significant amplitudes of temperature.

What is window joinery?

Window joinery is, to put simply, window framing. Window frames should be both functional and aesthetic. Their main task is to keep the temperature level inside rooms. The second function is protection against burglary. An additional advantage is the possibility of choosing the window joinery look. These days, the most popular colours are white and different shades of brown.

Why aluminium?

First of all, aluminium is durable. Thanks to that, you can feel safer to some degree than in the case of, e.g., wooden windows. Aluminium windowsare resistant to various kinds of deformations, being problematic for burglars, as the material is hard to bend or damage in any other way. However, during the production process window frames retain their plasticity and can be adjusted to various window profiles. What is more, usually the framings are narrow. This measure aims to provide more light to the interior.

The advantages of aluminium windows

The most important advantages of aluminium windows are:

  • resistance to various kinds of damage or deformations,
  • durability for many years of exploitation,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • ease of cleaning (aluminium does not absorb dust),
  • safety against fire (aluminium is non-flammable),
  • energy-efficiency,
  • protection against burglary,
  • aesthetic appearance that enriches the interior,
  • a large variety of choice of RAL frame color and decorative-protective coatings,
  • possibility of application in different types of buildings,
  • ecological use.

The cost of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows cost more than classic plastic windows. It is estimated that the cost is 50-70% higher. Prices are quoted per square meter. Each company individually estimates the cost on the basis of the demand for the number of windows and their type. With aluminium framing, on the other hand, price definitely goes hand in hand with quality. Aluminium windows are extremely durable and lightweight. Therefore, it is worth investing in them.

Why should you choose aluminium windows – summary

It is worth choosing aluminium windows, as they are less prone to deformation, plus the material they are made of is much more durable than, e.g., PVC windows. In addition, they have a modern design, which also makes the interior more pleasing to the eye. What’s more, they are perfect for an apartment, a single-family home, as well as an office building or commercial property.

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