Add Charm and Character to Your Property with a Wooden Gate

Wooden GateIf you are considering increasing your home and gardens security then you may want to consider erecting a beautiful and decorative garden fence combined with an elegant but strong and sturdy wooden gate. Not only will these items be great for security purposes, a gate constructed from timber can also add great aesthetic appeal to your property. So if you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to home security ideas for your property, read on to find out more.

Garden Gates

If you have a garden anywhere on your property, whether it be on the side of your house or even in rear of the property, the addition of a wooden garden gate will undoubtedly help to increase security whilst at the same time providing a charming focal point to the space. Available in a vast array of styles and designs, choosing the correct design is relatively simple however it is important to remember that the best designs will complement what is already in place so be sure to find a design that will be in keeping.

Side Gates

Where there are access points to the side of your home that lead to a rear garden, it is extremely beneficial to install a tall wooden gate that will not only add some design appeal from the street but will also serve as a secure barrier that will stop unwanted visitors trespassing at the back of your house.

In addition to this, the increased height and solid panel design of a wooden gate will also help to provide improved levels of privacy meaning you no longer need to suffer from passers-by looking into your garden. For the most effective results, the height should be around 6 ft to make it difficult to climb over. For the design, try to choose a style that will complement your homes architectural styling. For example, a period home with arched windows will look stunning with a gate that features an arched top.

Wooden Driveway Gates

The addition of high quality wooden driveway gates will serve many purposes however the main benefits are increased kerb appeal and improved security. With the entrance of your home seen by anyone passing by, having a well constructed pair of gates in a design sympathetic to your home will undoubtedly make the home more desirable.

Depending upon the level of security you wish to achieve and the available budget, there are a number of options when it comes to choosing wooden driveway gates. Generally available in heights of 3ft or 6ft, each has its own plus points and negative points. One the plus side a low 3ft gate is relatively cheap however security and privacy are not high. In comparison a taller pair of gates will provide high levels of security and privacy but are much more expensive due to the added cost of the materials.


In order to make the majority of wooden gates affordable to the masses, they tend to be constructed from softwood. As such it is essential they are painted or stained regularly to keep them looking their best and ultimately prolonging their lifespan. Failure to do so will result in the gates being in need of replacement in less time than you might think.

In conclusion, the addition of wooden gates will undoubtedly add to the charm and character of the property.

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