7 Custom Door Ideas for Your Home

Having a nice door at home makes us feel comfortable, especially when it is decorative. Moreover, it can provide us security and privacy as well. This is why many people are very particular in choosing which custom doors are best fit for their homes.

To help you figure out which type of door is perfect for you, here are seven custom door ideas you can choose for your home:

1. Custom Wood Doors

Wood doors are designed for homes that want a unique natural look. Wood doors are now more resistant to the elements.

Wood doors are the most common type of door in use throughout the United Sates. They are versatile and beautiful. The best type of wood door is a solid wood door.

There are also various designs you can apply to build your custom wood doors. You can build a wood door made of different types of woods, colors and finishes.


2. French Doors

Like almost all types of doors, French doors are made of wood. What is special about French doors is the large portion of glass that is divided or covered with a few fine and thin rails. Furthermore, it’s common to see them in white color. This is good for dark-colored walls such as aqua blue or gray.

With French doors inside your home, you won’t need to travel to Europe only to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the old world. If your home interiors include some Mediterranean furniture made of hardwood such as Mahogany, you can have your French doors painted as well.

However, it’s uncommon to see a house with French doors along with other types of doors. Normally, a house that has a French door in front has all the same doors in the entire house. Consistency is what makes French doors beautiful.

3. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are made of hardwood, designed for durability and strength. Although they are rustic and rugged, sliding barn doors are perfect for modern-day architecture. They are one of the most favorite doors of many interior designers because of their classic style that can make the home interior unique.

A long time ago, this type of door was the primary type of door that was used throughout homes. The reasons were:

  • Materials were abundant.
  • It was easily made using ancient tools.
  • The design was appropriate to keep heat within rooms.

Nowadays many homes have sliding barn doors for aesthetic reasons. They are simply beautiful and are commonly incorporated in creative interior-design concepts. Some sliding barn doors are no longer limited to wood. They are now built along with glass and polished metal. Moreover, sliding barn doors are compatible with various house designs.

sliding-barn-doors-for-the-home-114. Impact Doors

Impact Doors are a better way to protect your home and family from hurricanes, heavy winds, rain and flying debris.

In order for a house to be certified as hurricane resistant qualifying you for Insurance discounts, Impact doors and windows need to be installed. A common misconception is that its only windows that need to be hurricane resistant.

Impact doors are also a good security investment for your home since the frame of the door is reinforced making it more durable than conventional doors.

5. Arch-top Doors

Arch-top doors are one of the most common door designs Americans and Europeans would have in their homes. It’s not about the function. Actually, the ultimate purpose why arch-top doors are designed that way has already been forgotten by generations. Arch-top doors in many homes today are a product of rich culture and heritage.

You can see arch-top doors in old European castles, churches, and other public buildings. This is because arched doorways are the major structures of the old world architecture. Nowadays, arch-top doors are symbols of revivalist movement that preserve such magnificent design and technology.

Arch-top doors are perfect for Mediterranean house designs, especially if the doors are made of hardwood. Nonetheless, this type of doors are also common with other designs such as Victorian house style, Georgian or Colonial style, and French style. Arch-top doors can also be incorporated in many types of modern house designs.

6. Hidden Doors

Hidden doors are fast becoming popular for modern design enthusiasts. They are very functional and beautiful as well. The concept behind it is not actually to hide something but to be consistent with the theme of the interior. Sometimes, it doesn’t look good when doors dominate the whole interior style. In modern style, simplicity is very important.

Modern house designs are straightforward and minimalist. In this type of house design, it’s the wall that should dictate the theme. Therefore, doors and windows should be consistent with the entire theme. If the wall is predominantly glass, then doors and windows must follow. This is the reason why hidden doors have been introduced.

On the other hand, hidden doors are built to save space. There are hidden doors that are designed to serve two or more functions. You can find one that is in the form of cabinet or closet which you can slide and open to reveal another room behind it. Hidden doors are also known as invisible doors.

7. Glass Doors

In the past, glass doors were common only in some buildings and offices. Today, glass doors are here and there. It’s because people are now becoming obsessed with whatever is bright. Moreover, glass doors will enable you to see who is behind the doors


However, glass doors are not common in some places simply because glass materials are expensive. Nevertheless, nothing stops people from having such doors in their homes regardless of prices.


There are a lot of custom door ideas you can explore and choose from. The items above are some of the most popular that are being used in architecture today. You may want to incorporate one or several of them in your home. Nonetheless, it’s your home interior that will determine which one fits better as it’s up to you to make the final decision. If you are looking for more ideas, then it might be best to hire an interior designer to help plan out what might be possible.

If you have any questions, please ask below!