6 Tips To Improve Your Home With The Help Of 3D Printing

fregrt3D printing is perhaps one of the most exciting things in the world right now. It is always nice to see your idea transforming into reality right before your eyes and 3D printing allows you to accomplish exactly the same. People were cynical about 3D printing just few years ago. They considered it more of science fiction than something real. However, People have realized that it is not just a fade but a concrete reality with immense potential to transform the world.

Today, you can buy an affordable 3D printer or use the services of many 3D printing companies like SelfCad to create literally anything you want. The following lines discuss how you can realistically use 3D printing to transform your home.

  • It Helps You Make Small Repairs:

Your home appliances and gadgets are meant to break after some time. Mostly, small parts such as gadget cases, tiny hinges, lashes on dishwashers and tiny knobs are first to break. Gone are the days when you would send your appliance for repair or buy a new one if they are out of warranty. Nowadays, you can simply print whatever broke with the help of 3D printers. This will not only help you make your appliances functional again but to save a considerable amount of money as well.

You don’t to need to worry if you don’t have a 3D printer at home. You can simply join different websites to instantly design, download and print the broken parts you want to replace. Similarly, most websites have minifactories where you can access thousands of ready-to-print-objects as well. Just go to those minifactories, choose the object you want to download and print it. It is as simple as that.

  • Create New Puzzles and Games:

Traditional game industry tends to create games which appeal a large number of people. But what if you want to have a game solely for yourself? The answer to this question is using 3D printing to design totally new games and puzzles. Ranging from plastic versions of “hexaflexagon” to games like zombie apocalypses, castle sieges, and creating a bustling megalopolis and different types of board games, you can design virtually any kind of game.

  • Design Models of favorite Characters and Places:

Have you ever wondered placing a miniature version of your wife and children on the shelf? Well, 3D printing enables you to do exactly the same. It is pertinent to not that 3D printers do not only print rigid geometrical shapes but also helps you produce unsymmetrical objects like models of humans and your favorite places. For instance, you can print a model of Eiffel Tower or even Justin Trudeau at home or using 3D printing services like SelfCad.

  • Create Custom Decoration for Halloween:

You can make your Halloween more spooky and scary with the help of 3D printing. You can actually design and print really frightening costumes, masks, props and other custom decorations right at your home. 3D printing can help you design really creative custom decoration pieces such as Wolverine Claws and Alien’s chest buster props relatively inexpensively and without any hassle.

  • Room Layouts and Home Renovation Models:

Let’s suppose you are considering renovating your home or adding new rooms to it. Thanks to many smart phone and other apps, making architecture has become easier and more accessible. These apps help you take a good look at 2D and 3D room or floor plans. However, it is totally another story to actually print the house and hold it in your hand.

3D printed house models give you a better idea about rooms’ design and understanding of inner layout. You can print the house in several layouts before choosing the one which best meets your requirements and aesthetic taste.

  • Custom Containers and Boxes for Household Items:

You can actually create custom-made boxes and containers for objects like smartphones, batteries, headphones, calculators, a pair of eyeglasses and literally everything else. Companies like SelfCad make it really simply to design and print these containers as well. You just need to take the measurements of whatever you want to store and you would get a case that is perfect for it.

Bottom Line:

3D printing has evolved a lot over the years. The point here is that you need to think yourself about what to design before using your 3D printer or related online service. This is where the real magic of 3D printing comes from. You need to believe that the coolest gadget is still to be made and you will be the one who will make it.

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