5 Ways to Modernize Your Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool equipment is constantly evolving, just like everything else in life. In the past decade alone, there have been some significant advances that are making America’s pools cleaner, easier to maintain, and more enjoyable for swimmers.

So, let’s check out five of the best pieces of modern pool equipment that can change the way you maintain your swimming pool for the better, from devices for better and more efficient water flow to the newest in pool cleaning equipment. And the best part? These upgrades to your pool equipment shed are all affordable, easy to install, and perfect for any pool owner looking to make their pool more efficient and stylish.

Variable Speed Pump

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool equipment, a variable speed pump is a great place to start. Traditional single or dual-speed pumps can be inefficient and use more energy than necessary, resulting in increased energy costs. What’s more, they can make your pool deck a very noisy place to be.

Enter the modern variable speed pump. It’s got a whisper-quiet motor that is programmable and can be optimized to meet your pool’s unique needs, making pool maintenance more manageable and energy-efficient.

By installing a variable speed pump, you can let it run all the time but at a slower speed, providing both improved filtration and significantly reduced energy costs. It also keeps the water circulating, helping to keep the pool water clear with minimal energy usage. With this modern pool equipment, pool owners can significantly reduce their maintenance workload and costs. Better still, make much less noise. If you’ve gotten used to an older model, you might even wonder if it’s running!

PH Control System

If you want to upgrade your pool equipment, installing a modern pH control system is a no-brainer. This equipment will revolutionize your swimming pool maintenance by taking charge of your pH levels for you. pH control system is a huge convenience that virtually any pool can benefit from. pH is the “backbone” of your pool’s water balance, so having a device that automatically keeps the pH balanced is one of the most effective ways to have a “hands-off” pool .

What’s more, modern pH control systems can balance your pH without using acid, making it a much safer and more natural way to maintain your pool water. For example, some pH control systems neutralize your pool water through a CO2 injection, which keeps your water balanced without having to use, store, or handle harsh chemicals.

Investing in a pH control system is a wise decision for any pool owner who wants to keep their pool clean, healthy, and safe for swimmers – while maximizing their convenience.

Saltwater Chlorinator

Saltwater chlorinators (also called salt pool systems or chlorine generators) are the foundation of modern swimming pool equipment systems, which can enhance your swimming experience and greatly reduce pool maintenance and its associated costs.

Saltwater chlorinators mark a new era in pool technology. They eliminate the need for liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, or granular chlorine by producing the required chlorine to sanitize your pool water through a simple process called electrolysis. You only have to add a minimal level of salt to your pool, which is then converted into chlorine by your saltwater chlorinator. The salt chlorinator works automatically with your pool system every day, and works at a set rate to generate just the right amount of chlorine that your pool constantly needs.

Saltwater pools are “softer” and more enjoyable to swim in since there are much less harsh chemical effects than in traditional chlorine pools. This means there won’t be any itchy skin, burning eyes, or strong chlorine odor. Also, you won’t have to worry about your pool water tasting salty, as the salt levels are low, with just 3,000 PPM (parts per million) compared to the 35,000 PPM in seawater, making the taste almost undetectable.

Find out more about the advantages of a saltwater chlorination system.

Cyclonic Pre-Filter

For pool owners looking for a simple yet efficient way to improve their swimming pool equipment, the cyclonic pre-filter is an excellent option. It’s an affordable add-on that easily integrates into your existing filter system to provide a significant boost to your pool’s filtration capacity. With the addition of a pre-filter, you can reduce your pool maintenance and the filter hassles that most owners are familiar with.

This swimming pool equipment is designed to filter out dirt and gunk before it reaches your main filter, removing up to 80-90% of contaminants from your pool water. The pre-filter has no moving parts to replace, making it easy to maintain, and simple to clean out by turning its purge valve (using only about 4 gallons of water). It can be fitted just before your filter and after the pump, allowing for easy installation without the requirement for professional installation.

Upgrade your pool system with a cyclonic pre-filter to improve your pool’s cleanliness and reduce maintenance time.

Ozone Generator

If you want crystal clear water in your pool, an ozone generator is a must-have piece of modern pool equipment. Also called an ozonator, this device emits ozone into your pool water to sanitize it and enhance filtration. Ozone is a powerful and fast-acting sanitizer that destroys harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Installing an ozone generator is a smart investment in your pool’s maintenance. It’s a simple process and the device only operates when your pool’s pump is running. As the water passes through the ozonator, it gets sanitized by the infusion of ozone, which is made up of three oxygen atoms. The infused ozone is active right at the point where it comes in contact with the pool water, and the circulated water that returns to your pool contains only a very low concentration of ozone, if any, making it perfectly safe to swim in.

While an ozone generator may be relatively expensive, its noticeable effect on water quality and clarity can make it worth the investment. Plus, it can allow your pool to use a much smaller chlorine generator, or “turn down” your existing chlorine generator significantly, thereby boosting the long term value of the system. By investing in an ozone generator, you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of your pool water, making it safer and more enjoyable for all.

Modern Pool Equipment For Every Need

In conclusion, upgrading your swimming pool equipment can make your pool maintenance easier and more efficient. Modern pool equipment such as variable speed pumps, pH control systems, saltwater chlorinators, cyclonic pre-filters, and ozone generators are affordable, easy to install and offer a range of benefits.

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