5 Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

Moving into your new home in Singapore? That sounds exciting. But before you set your feet in your brand-new dwelling place, take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

Is your house safe against weather elements? Will your family members get enough privacy? Does your newly constructed home offer comfortable living?

If you’re uncertain that these things are met, then invest in outdoor blinds or shades. Installing such a window covering can offer you and your family a lot of benefits: protection from the weather, stylish outdoor area, and well-preserved furniture, among others.

Once you’ve decided on buying one, review first some purchasing considerations.

Key Considerations Before Buying Outdoor Window Shades

Installation Area

Aesthetics is useless without exact measurement. That’s why you must know the exact place or area where you want to place your exterior blinds.

Measure the installation area before making a buying decision; you will not want to spend on something that doesn’t fit in your space. Remember, buying a smaller window cover isn’t the aim here; the measurements should be accurate.

Since you can’t bring your windows to the retailer and outdoor blind manufacturers don’t make house visits, take the measurements by yourself. Measure the exact width and height where the blind is to be placed.

Type of Material

External blinds that are made from low-quality materials will not serve their purpose for a long time.

So when shopping for outside-mounted blinds, examine the type of fabric or material being used. A PVC material will give you protection from the wind and rain while also maintaining a view of your backyard and allowing natural light to enter the outdoor space.

However, this type will make your outdoor area too hot in the summer. The best alternative will be mesh blinds because they block out sun rays in summer and keep out cold winds and rain in winter.

Operating System

If you’re the type of person who buys things that offer convenience, then you must look into a blind’s ease of operation.

Outdoor blinds come in different types of operating systems. Examples of such operating systems are blind gearbox operation, spring-loaded retractable operation, cord and pulley operation, as well as motorised operation.

The motorised blinds have the most convenience factor as they can be adjusted with the touch of a button. They’re a lot more convenient than other types that needs to be blinded or rolled up and down manually.

Weather Condition

When picking outdoor window covers, it’s important to note how the varying weather conditions can impact your chosen window treatment.

And since you’re heading soon to your freshly-built home in Singapore, it’s ideal to choose something that will protect you from cold, heat, wind and other elements while you enjoy your stay at home.

Instead of compromising on an outdoor blind solution, go for a blind that caters to all four seasons. This is where the considerations material type and operating system also come in handy.

Complementary Look

As much as function matters, aesthetics should likewise play a major role. The windows are the eyes to your home, so pick the ones the complement your home.

Consider both the exterior and interior. Imagine it this way. When an outdoor blind is rolled up, it gives passers-by or visitors a view of the inside; they will see your curtain, furniture and even the interior wall paint.

Therefore, pick a colour that blends with paintings of your inner and outer walls. For example, a dull outer painting complements with bright a coloured roller blind and adds some warmth and friendliness. You will surely find one that suits your taste because blinds come in various colours.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

House moving is probably one of the exciting things on Earth. You will have new surroundings, experiences, and memories to keep.

However, moving into a new home shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must ensure that your new dwelling place is comfortable and safe. To make this possible, consider installing outdoor blinds in your balcony.

This idea provides some privacy and keeps out the elements, not to mention that such window shade offers a great outdoor lifestyle.

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