Your Handbook Of Do’s And Don’ts While Helping Your Child Love Ski Racing

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The thing is, we all live in a time where results matter more than anything else. Whether your little cherub goes ahead in his ski-racing competitions or in his academic results or just about any extra-curricular activities- there’s chance he is strives hard to get results only!

Being a parent, you cannot skip a little bit of sensibility and practicality on your part can go a long way to enhance your child’s interest in the sport. Here’s lowdown on a practical listing of do’s and don’ts for you to consider:

Do: Give Unconditional Love

You would rather smile and show a ‘thumbs up’ to your child rather doubling up as a last-minute ski-instructor. While you might be tempted to share your insights and ‘tips’, it can unnerve your child. That is to say, avoid suggesting anything technical, or tell anything that might confuse him.

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Also, super-excited parents are often seen to be exhaustively critical of their wards’ level of ability and effort. However, they have their coaches to see to that. While your child looks at you for approval, then a gentle pat on back and positive support in cases of accidental falls, loss, as well as in the cases of win gives a huge reassurance to your children. This contributes immensely to build confidence among young racers.

Do: Maintain Composure On The D- Day

It might be so that your child is competing in a race for the very first time. It could also be so that it is for the first ever time for him to join a prestigious U-10 or U-12 well. Parents often seen to get extremely excited when their children do well, again they get unfathomably disappointed when the going gets tough.

Of course, you do get vicarious delight when your child succeeds. However, it is also more than important to keep your calm in case he goes glow or crashes for some reason or other. And if you find it hard to keep calm on the race day, then you would rather stay away from your young rider.

Do: Give Your Undivided Attention

Do you have a habit of paying too much heed to live timing when the race is on? Well, too many parents are seen to be pre-occupied with timings! What they miss is something you cannot compensate. They miss their children skiing, which is, by all means, a treat to the eyes. Plus they give for an amazing experience which cannot be perhaps substituted with any pleasures in life.


Also, when you ponder too much on time, you are actually conveying an unhealthy message to your child. You will fail to notice their moves, their ability to confront tricky obstacles and everything that pertains to a successful ski racing! Hence, put your phone away, smile and cheer!

Don’t: End Up Buying A Quiver Of Skis

GS Skis, SL Skis, all-mountain skis… you name it and an ardent ski racer has it all! What parents often miss it’s that their children are still on a learner’s phase. There is absolutely no need to have sets of training skis, racing skis and the like. Let them master the game by practicing on a basic, yet good quality ski set. And quite contrary to the notion, practicing on racing skis from the very start would not make your child go faster than his peers.

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Don’t: Tune The Skis For Racing

Remember that race tunes are needed only when you are going for a tournament as prestigious as the World Cup! Otherwise, it is sufficient that the skis are properly waxed and decently edged.

You can let go of the need of using bevels and grinds in this stage. Again, waxes can be crazily expensive, if you get it done from a professional. Rather, go for some reasonably-priced things that you can get online!

Contributed By: Daisi Daniels

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