Why Should ‘Stargirl’ Be the Next Series You Binge?

Whether you’re a huge fan of DC comics and eagerly embrace anything related to the DC universe or you’re just interested in exciting TV shows that subvert classic tropes, the new CW series ‘Stargirl’ is a real treat and should be the next series on your list of shows to binge-watch. The series launched its freshman season in May of 2020 and has already started filming for season 2, which is slated to hit the network later this year. Full of hope, intrigue and excitement, this new series has something to offer everyone.

The Premise

‘Stargirl’ takes place 10 years after the Justice Society of America was wiped out by the Injustice Society of America. High school student Courtney Whitmore stumbles upon the Cosmic Staff of Starman and discovers that her stepfather, Pat Dugan, is the sole surviving member of the Justice Society of America and was once the sidekick to Starman. It is up to Courtney to rebuild the Justice Society of America with a new generation of superheroes. The show follows her struggles to embrace her new role as Stargirl and protect the nation. Because the show is executive produced by Geoff Johns, who also wrote the comic books that ‘Stargirl’ is based on, you can expect some epic storytelling. Below is a video of Johns’ other works that showcase his ability as a storyteller.

The Cast

The role of Stargirl is played by Brec Bassinger, and she leads a talented cast that is truly adept at bringing well-rounded characters to life. Many of the main characters in ‘Stargirl’ are teenagers, and the cast of young actors and actresses does an incredible job making their characters feel relatable. Well-known names such as Luke Wilson and Amy Smart round out the cast to fill the adult roles. You’ll love the way all of the cast members portray these interesting characters.

The Difference

‘Stargirl’ is unlike any superhero T show you’ve seen before. While you are probably used to the classic hero/villain story, most series in the genre feature adult superheroes. The show may include young characters, but they are often sidekicks who often have little influence on how the battle is won. ‘Stargirl’ reverses that trope by making the adults the sidekicks and the teenagers the superheroes. If you enjoy TV shows that subvert stereotypes and challenge classic tropes, ‘Stargirl’ is the perfect series for you to binge-watch next. It is full of action and adventure to keep you entertained while also exploring deeper coming-of-age topics.

‘Stargirl’ may be a new series, but it has already proven that it has something to offer everyone in just one short season. If you put this refreshing series on your list of shows to binge-watch, you won’t be disappointed. It is an expansion of the DC universe that will delight any DC fan, but you don’t need to have extensive knowledge of DC comics to enjoy the show. Start watching the 13-episode first season today so that you are prepared when the second season drops on the CW,

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