Why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling


A brief overview

In today’s modern world the internet provides plenty of online gambling sites to the betting community. Those who gamble online with real money may more often suffer a gambling addiction than people who visit a brick-and-mortar casino. Online gambling is said to be more dangerous than casino gaming and is associated with higher risks of gambling addiction. While problem gamblers may be shy to visit a casino every day, online gambling sites are another matter. Problem gamblers may access an online casino each day from their smartphones, which may lead to an addiction.

Why the laws on internet gambling need to change

There are many gambling sites that are high-risk. Not all online portals are well regulated, some may use spying software and steal the personal information of their clients. Players need to beware that internet gambling websites often have their rights reserved in offshore jurisdictions. In the UK the laws regarding web casino gambling are badly outdated, leaving many online gamblers at the mercy of an online casino. The online games provider will try their best to incentivize people to wager as much real money as possible. Thus fuelling in them a gambling addiction.

Why is online gambling more dangerous than high street gambling?

A brief look at the main reasons.

Overall internet casinos are more likely to lead to addiction and problem gambling. Below is a list of reasons why:

  • Ease of access leads to more play-time and higher gamble stakes.
  • Poor regulation can result in credit card theft and misplaced odds
  • The addictive properties of games are higher due to the ease of access compared to visiting a physical casino
  • Gamblers may lose more money. Many who make a deposit with credit cards on the internet forget to keep track of their funds.
  • Free betting games are offered to almost every gambler. Odds on the free games are often turned in favor of the player. This makes online gamblers think that they can win real money.
  • Odds in real cash games can get tilted too much in favor of web casinos, placing a gambler at higher-than-normal risk.
  • Placing bets from home can be more addictive than in a physical casino.
  • Internet gambling sites can use bots in online poker, thus cheating players in the game.
  • Many feel that it is far easier going to a site and placing a bet than visiting physical casinos.
Ease of access of an online casino

Gambling is more dangerous online partially due to how easy it is to access the webpage. Casinos usually have ID checks to ensure that players have reached the legal age to gamble. Further, the establishments often make sure that players are sober and no one entering is intoxicated. These establishments are much better regulated and they like to have a good reputation.

Online gambling is often seen as more dangerous than casino gambling due to how easy it is to access the site. Those who gamble online at casinos often forget to make sure that they do not spend all their time on the online portal. Accessing a gambling site from a smartphone is extremely easy, players can forget how much time they have spent placing bets. Further, by using digital money instead it becomes harder to stop gambling and keep track of losses.

Greater chance of becoming addicted

People who play online have a higher chance of developing an addiction. These players can sometimes exhibit signs of problem gambling by trying to get even with online casinos by staking higher bets. Further, they are less likely to seek professional help or read the information on the proper use of the gaming portal. Online casinos will usually shower a gambler with notifications and other details, enticing them to play more.

Online casino webpages are likely to use psychological methods to make players spend as much time as possible on their portals. This increases the chance of people who play online developing a gaming problem. Combined with the ease of access, which increases the hours spent on the webpage, online gambling is far more dangerous than visiting a real casino. It is far harder to stop playing when any place in the world, including the player’s home, can be turned into a casino in a single click.

Is online gambling dangerous?

Why online gambling webpages are proliferating

It does not cost too much money to start up an online betting establishment. At a price tag of just under 2$ million, it is at the minimum 20 times cheaper than opening a land casino. People can play at any time, from any place, without going to a specified venue. Many who like gambling need to know that it is becoming easier to find a gaming webpage. It is also far cheaper to operate online casinos, with little staff required and lower taxes. Thus online gambling webpages are becoming more and more common.

Tricking those who bet online

Many start their gambling on the web with some free activities, such as slots. Online gambling services will tilt the game probabilities in favor of the player when betting with virtual money. This way a web casino will make the person feel like they can win. Once a bet is placed with real money, web casinos will switch the probabilities in the house’s favor immediately. Thus novice punters will be quick to lose the cash.

Getting an account set up on a shady website

One problem with online gambling is that casinos can sometimes have poor regulatory oversight. Many are located offshore and some can have a shady reputation. What makes this dangerous is giving away sensitive personal information. Such as credit card or bank account details. The shady portal will then take this information and could potentially share it with malicious parties.

Further, it is important to know that when one has large winnings, it may take time to withdraw them into the client’s bank account. There have been cases of fraud committed by online gambling services. Such as stealing the player’s winnings or even their initial deposit. What makes online gambling dangerous is that there is little a client can do in such an instance. Therefore it is important to visit asafe online casino.

Why is online gambling so addictive?

The addictive properties of wagering cash

Online gambling can lead to a bettor developing a powerful psychological addiction to the offered activities. Players can feel euphoric upon winning, and this causes dependency. Here a user can become addicted to the feeling and want to play again and again. Once they are hooked, an online casino will send them emails, notifications, and other absurdities enticing the bettor to visit the gambling webpage again. Generally, gaming addiction has been described by specialists as similar to a substance or alcohol dependency.

Having the gambling webpage at the fingertips

Previously it took a while to find a casino. People had to drive to the venue and get checked and verified by the establishment. Online gambling can be accessed directly from a computer. Or from a smartphone or a tablet. A great variety of providers offer mobile gambling to their clients. If one wants to wager money, they can easily do it from their mobile device while on the train or at a pub. This both increases the demand for gambling and lowers the threshold for wagering money.

If a fan is watching a football match, they can place a bet immediately from their phone. Previously this required a visit to a bookmaker. Online gambling is thus said to have greater habit-forming properties. Similar to cigarettes as opposed to cigars and smoking a pipe.

Why is gambling dangerous

Problem gambling

This is a case of psychological dependency where a bettor will feel depressed when they are not gaming. Here a player will always try to get even with the house and chase their losses. Further, an addict will not be able to restrain themself and make higher and higher wagers. A Gambling Disorder is recognized by the psychiatric profession and patients are offered professional help to assist them in relieving their symptoms. These may include:

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Problematic gambling behavior
  • Lying to hide losses
  • Going into debt
  • Losing a job or family
The mathematics are against the punter

When one tries to become even with the house, they tend to forget that the odds on every activity offered, ranging from roulette to slots, are stacked against them. In order to make a profit, casinos require people to lose money. Jackpots and winnings are paid out from other’s losses. Usually, a house edge can be between 1-2%, but sometimes it can go up to 20%. Particularly on the web. Thus the expected value of every bet is negative and players will always lose money in the long run. The same logic applied to bookmakers and other gambling providers.

Concluding remarks

The gambling industry has adjusted well to the modern age of digital technology. There are plenty of services and platforms offered on the web that provide the services previously only accessible at the brick-and-mortar establishments. While some may have a mediocre reputation, picking a safe webpage to visit is important. Even though wagering funds on the web is said to be more habit-forming than doing it at a land establishment, the industry has only grown in size. Those that need help to stop gambling should talk to their friends and family or visit a health professional.

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