Why Bitcoin Slots Have Become Popular in the Last Years

Slots have always been a favorite in casinos for most people due to their simplicity. Unlike poker and similar games, you don’t need to think hard or place so much at risk with slots. Just push a button here or jimmy a lever there and you stand a chance to hit jackpot; walk home a millionaire. And things got so much better with bitcoin, which introduced more opportunities that are attractive to most players. Now, people have good reasons for preferring bitcoin gambling to other gaming alternatives.

But first, what is bitcoin? According tobitcoinfoundation.org, “Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that allows payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.” In other words, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which can be used to make and receive payments without banks as the middleman.

Let’s take a look.

Even granny knows it

I’ve already touched on this first one and it is the simplicity of slots. Slots don’t necessarily require strategies with mathematical precision and accuracy to win. Some people are good with probability and can sit down for hours trying to calculate the chances that they are going to hit jackpot. Well, it’s 1:1,000,000; good luck with that. However, the concept of just pressing a button or pulling a bar is a simple one even to grannies who don’t even remember where they last placed their teeth.

Nevertheless, it’s not just their ease of use and fewer complications that makes bitcoin slots so popular. It’s the fact that they present better odds of winning compared to the traditional slot machines.

Since their introduction in 2012, bitcoin slots tend to be more rewarding than the conventional slot machines. This fact is probably attractive to most people. Nonetheless, where you play tends to interfere with your chances of winning anything. As you’ll discover on bestbitcoincasinos.net, some casinos are more rewarding than others.


Bitcoin slots come in various cool designs, which make them more interesting to play and interact with than the conventional slot machines. Like candy crush, most people find this variety in design and interactivity more entertaining and engaging. The potpourri in design and delivery makes people want to play them all the time whenever and wherever possible.


A unique characteristic of bitcoin slots is the number of bonuses they offer compared to traditional slot machines. Bitcoin slots offer far much more attractive bonuses than the regular slots. Why would you want to play any other game when you stand a better chance of winning with bitcoin slots and an even better chance with bonuses?


A main feature of bitcoins is that they are decentralized and virtually untraceable. Many people appreciate bitcoins for the fact that no one controls them and they don’t have to reveal their identity when using them.

In places where gambling is not favored, using bitcoins is a good alternative, which makes bitcoin slots invaluable in such instances.

Their decentralized nature means that bitcoins are highly secure, even from government bodies. Your transactions with bitcoins only exist in the blockchain and only you have access to your private key. With bitcoins, you can gamble all you want and only you will know what transpired at the bitcoin slot you were at (virtually or actually).

Little difference between virtual and actual

Virtual slots have little difference from actual or physical slots. This minute dissimilarity means players notice little to no difference when transitioning from one platform to the other. It makes the experience feel the same regardless of a player being online or offline.

The fish in the water

Like fish in water, the natural environment for bitcoins is the internet, which makes them ideal for online bitcoin slots. We have already discussed security and privacy, which are qualities that naturally exist with bitcoins as a form of currency. Most people who understand how bitcoins work prefer using them particularly for online gaming because they are the best and most reliable currency for that environment.

Immediate Payout

Unlike conventional money, the processing of cryptocurrencies takes place sooner in online environments. The processing and reception of checks may take days while bitcoin takes only hours to be processed and delivered to a recipient’s wallet. This instant payout is attractive to most people since they don’t have to wait to see their money. Furthermore, the recent spike in the value of bitcoin as confirmed in an article from businessinsider.com, explains the increase of investment in the digital currency.

Those who realized the value of bitcoins invested in it and are today ripping the fruits of their labor. They are more than willing to spend their earnings on casinos and sports betting. I hope I have helped you see why so many people are opting for bitcoin slots considering that they are more rewarding than conventional slots have ever been.

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