What Your Gaming Name Reveals About Your Personality

People online live in anonymity and people who play video games are no exception. Many people are involved in online games and they are known by a short user name that they select for themselves. However, it was realized that user names have a lot more to them than a random assortment of numbers and words. They say many things about the personality of a player.

Online video games happen to be problem-solving and dynamic that needs a huge amount of experience, tactical planning, and learning. Every game offers players a large number of choices; whether to play defensive or aggressive, whether to play in an individual style or play like a team player. Again, the choices also include whether to adopt risky or safe strategies with unpredictable or predictable payoffs, and whether to try out something new or apply the same tactics.

Games say a lot about your personality such as the following:

Call of Duty

The players of call of duty are known for their traits and bravado linked with masculinity, intimidate the opponents through voice chat, and use of the flashiest and the biggest weapons. More than 90 percent of the players are male and therefore, it is not surprising that masculinity plays a vital role in the way people play Call of Duty.

In a research study, it was found that researchers used these games to make their masculine activities. As players depend on online personality for identity, factors including appearance, strength, and other factors that are considered masculine are not applicable. They can build an identity irrespective of the real-life personality.


The players who play fortnite are impulsive due to one additional game. The good thing is you hardly lose a match in this game. People play this game repeatedly until the time they are victorious.


Whether a player players Sims to maintain a social life or get promoted, or build walls or take away a ladder, the lives of these people are in the hands of the players. Similar to simulation games, you need a Type-A personality to perform well in these games. Everything needs to be tailored perfectly according to the desires of a creator. This game is about playing God and therefore, it is attractive to people who want to have control.

The creator of this game ensured that he created a realistic digital human and these games portray the lives in an authentic manner.

Grand Theft Auto

Many studies reveal that the real cause of violence in real life is not video games or gambling games like Agen Sbobet and this does not at all indicate that the games do not have psychological effects. Players who play Grand Theft Auto are more risk-taking and aggressive in comparison to their peers. It is not surprising because it takes a lot of guts to rob stores and steals police cars. Players get a psychiatric evaluation when they complete Grand Theft Auto V that details the time played, strip club visits, and kill count of a player.

Portal players

Portal is a puzzle game and here, players learn physic lessons. This is the reason; they know the way to face problem-solving challenges, which reward the persistence of the players. Portal gamers are known to enhance problem-solving and spatial recognition skills and traits that help them in completing complicated puzzles easily and they can understand the actual science behind these solutions.

Sports games

Sports games such as FIFA, Madden, and NBA are competitive and confident personalities because a sport is about competition. The players know the strategy and the intricacies of the game and they can organize a team to do their job. As a new game gets released each year, players can adapt the strategy to the changing rosters and players do everything possible for winning the game.

Apart from providing an opportunity to play sports in an interactive manner, they are highly useful to adolescents. According to a study, adolescents do participate more in real sports after they play video games related to sports.


Players who love action games such as Uncharted are extroverted according to a study. It may sound a bit counterintuitive as a single-player game but the game is exciting. It has fast-paced action and beautiful settings are they are perfect for players who need continuous attention in the games as well as the lives. Moreover, Nate is a realistic character and you can relate to him. So, you can see the dynamic characters going for grand adventures.

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