What is Brawl Stars, and Why Do Gamers Love It?

The three years that the mobile game Brawl Stars has been available have seen it actually rule the world: it currently holds the top spot in all official rankings. On Android and iOS, the shareware program for smartphones and tablets has millions of downloads, but users are investing a lot of money in it. Supercell’s creation, for instance, has become one of the top spenders in Russia in 2020. Let’s take a closer look at why a supposedly straightforward game produces such a commotion together.

The Point of the Game

For the two most widely used mobile platforms, Android and iOS, Brawl Stars had its global launch in December 2018. This game belongs to the MOBA genre, in which users team up to battle other real players or computer-controlled opponents.

Because there are only two major actions in this game – movement and attack – the gameplay is incredibly straightforward and ideal for mobile games. The automatic targeting of the closest enemy takes care of all the grunt work for the player, so you don’t even need to aim to shoot.

Over a dozen various gaming modes are available. Their primary objectives vary: some of them include winning the royal battle, capturing gems or points, playing a form of football called brawlball, and others. Some modes operate consistently, while others (events) shift and alternate based on the day of the week. However, they all share the same simple controls, so regardless of the map or game mode, the player always knows what to do.

Why is Brawl Start So Beloved Among Gamers?

A variety of virtually equally significant elements have contributed to Brawl Stars’ commercial success. The game’s simplicity and accessibility have already been mentioned; it’s shareware, and all it takes to use the “skate rinks” is the timely pressing of two buttons. But there are other forces at play here as well, and they literally help Supercell hook players and keep them there.

The amount of times you can play Brawl Stars is infinite, unlike many other free-to-play games. It’s true that after a certain number of rounds, users no longer receive the tokens they have won in the form of loot boxes. However, no one can take away a gamer’s ability to pass time (and engage in competitive play) at any time.

Loot crates are the second crucial element. They can be bought with actual money or earned tokens, respectively. Random prizes like gold and power points can be found inside the treasure boxes. To upgrade your gaming character, you’ll need these resources. New uncommon characters have a smaller likelihood of appearing in the box. Whether loot boxes are inherently good or bad can be debated for a very long time, but one thing is certain: gamers enjoy them. Because they profit the most from donations, this is exactly what the developers are attempting to accomplish.

Additionally, crucial is match time. An average “skate rink” lasts 2.5 minutes, so you can play for the entire time while taking a break from work or being stuck in traffic.

It’s crucial to realize that Supercell has released other successful games before Brawl Stars. Before it, the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale attracted a multi-million user base. So, promoting the new project was much simpler for them.

A tried-and-true pass-the-time game like Brawl Stars doesn’t demand the player to have extraordinary talents or even to be persistent. The game’s allure is found in its straightforward gameplay and comical aesthetics, and the treasure box system prevents players from going days without a match.

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