What are the most important things to consider when planning a romantic event?

Whenever romantic events or parties are concerned, couples usually think of an outside joint or a restaurant as a venue for their occasion. But sometimes, organizing a romantic event at home can be much more special, especially when you do it with the help of professional planners. They help you to engage you in the party instead of the burden of the event, such as food, wine or extra.

The evening when you are planning for the event it is a different day than usual. It helps you to keep your relationship alive.

So if you plan to surprise your partner with a beautifully organized romantic event for any occasion whatsoever, consider going through these tips below. Let’s begin.

The Drinks

Drinks are the catalyst of romance and wine does it better than anything else.

So if you plan for an organized candle-light dinner for your partner, you should find out his/her preference first especially when drinks are concerned. Is s/he a wine drinker? Or does s/he prefer champagne over wine? Based on all these things, make your decision wisely.

The appetizers

Simple appetizers can work great with the drinks. Your partner would definitely love it if you can prepare them in the right way. Here are a few ideas:

  • Prepare a bruschetta. You’ll be needing a garlic, olive oil, onion, baguette, and a few other simple ingredients.
  • Deviled eggs can also be a great choice indeed. The recipe’s there in the link and it’s simple to make as well.
  • Simple salad? Yep, it’s a great idea for the summers. Make a simple salad with just 4 ingredients: feta cheese, watermelon, mint and sunflower seeds. Tons of recipes are there on the internet.
  • Guacamole and tortilla chips can also do the trick for you. It’s almost a match made in heaven.

The Main Course

Your main course can be anything ranging from the simplest to the most complex dishes of the lot. Our suggestion would be to make your choices on basis of your cooking abilities, skill, knowledge and your time. Let’s go through a few ideas:

  • Sautéed chicken coupled with crunchy vegetables are almost tailor-made for a romantic dinner.
  • Baked salmon and rice as well as Brussels sprouts? Yummy!
  • Choose aphrodisiac food to add to the romantic factor of your dinner. These can include the likes of oysters, basil, almonds, and asparagus.
  • Try to avoid food that is too messy for consumption. These include the likes of lobster or any French Onion soup.
  • Lastly, our suggestion would be to avoid going for the items that require a lot of ingredients for preparation. Sometimes a simple pasta like a ravioli can work wonders you know.

The Dessert

All’s well that ends well. Your desert’s going to be the last item on the menu. So ensure that your desert’s absolutely flawless at the time of your serving.

It’s not necessary for you to think of avant-garde presentation ideas to present the dessert to your partner. Just a simple, neat and clean presentation would do you fine.

Particularly when desserts are concerned, our suggestion would be to keep it simple as always. Simple things like an ice cream and a cupcake are enough to do the job for you.

Setting up the mood

So the food’s taken care of; now we come to the mood which is as important as the food itself. Here are a few ideas to setting up a romantic mood:

  • Decide on the location first. An under the stars dinner can really work you know.
  • Your dishes must reflect the theme of your dinner. So choose them wisely.
  • Choose a few romantic decorations and accompany them with romantic music such as jazz and blues.
  • Prepare to tell him/her how much you love her. You can use romantic e-cards to express your feelings to your partner at the time of the party.

Choose a card and prepare your message during the preps. Remember that your final click on the “send” button should occur only during those cozy moments between you two. Now that’s going to be a beautiful surprise indeed for your partner as soon as she checks her mailbox during the time of the dinner.

To conclude, we’d like to wish you the very best of luck with this romantic dinner idea of yours. We are optimistic that you’d get it to perfection in almost no time. It’s time we bring this article to an end. Ciao!

Contributed By: Clownfish Events

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