Useful Tips for Sports Betting

I will say here just a few words about the basic rules that those who play sports betting should follow in order to hope that they will make a profit.

Discipline and patience – the winning tandem in sports betting

I don’t know how others are, but I foremost seek to discipline myself when it comes to sports betting. I learned this the hard way, in years when I frequently “listed” at bookmakers in search of quick winnings or desperately trying to recover what I had lost one, two, three days before.

Personal example: I had decided, I had even written in red letters in an agenda not to ever play odds below 1.10, because they have no value. I abdicated from this rule to play on Hewitt’s victory, at a tennis tournament, at a odds of 1.07, to complete a odds of 2.00. Indiscipline cost me here both financially and mentally. I was upset for a few days about not being able to follow some simple, self-imposed rules. Luckily I can forget quickly, otherwise I would have gone crazy on that occasion. Also, before adventuring in online betting, I used to read various reviews on sites like captaingambling.com and many other similar pages. This has helped me to make the right choices.

Money management is vital to sports betting

I don’t think there are infallible recipes for betting budgeting, but there are still some rules to keep in mind.

“Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose” – This is not a simple cliché, please take my word for it. I personally know a few people, otherwise honorable, who have entered the crazy grind of trying to recover their losses by betting more and more money. They lost their home and family and social status, and everything else. Impulsive betting to recover losses, without taking a break between bets of at least one day, without lucidity, can lead to the abyss of bankruptcy. And that’s awful, please pay attention to that, it’s a big alarm sign. After all, the most important thing is to stay physically and mentally healthy. If we are in danger of losing these attributes, it is time to stop, put pride aside, and ask for help.

Sports betting should be treated as a hobby, not a way of life

From my point of view, the healthiest thing is to try to use the sports knowledge you have to supplement your sources of income, for a strictly determined term. It is usually used for a period of one month. Set a clear budget each month (but not to exceed 10-15% of your income) and do not exceed it, whatever happens. I know it’s hard, I know the temptation is great, I know it’s the wounded pride that screams, “You idiot, did you lose a game again? Recover, recover, recover!” No, please assume that maybe you are not ready for it yet, you do not have enough knowledge, enough patience or discipline.

Stop, stop at all in this case, without shame, without vanity, before it’s too late! – As in any other activity, some are perhaps made for it, can respect and put into practice the rules, have a “special sense of betting” and manage to make a profit. If you have heard that there are some who live off betting, take the right to be skeptical about it. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but for me, it was more prudent and healthier to leave sports betting at a stage of passion.

Keep track of the amounts played in sports betting

I started by writing down the bets and winnings on a table in a notebook, and at the end of the month, I would draw a line and collect. I use an Excel spreadsheet now, simple, with daily activity and monthly balance. It is advisable to have it written down or at least in front of your eyes – the clear image of what you managed to achieve, positive or negative, in a month-long activity.

Play singles or only 2-3 matches per ticket

…and only on the sporting events you watch and about which you have extensive knowledge. This is the surest path to long-term profit, although it seems slow and difficult. If you really want to, you can educate yourself in time to do so, take my word for it. Stop playing daily on matches you haven’t heard of just to have the ticket of the day checked.

However, I also have a solution for this temptation to put many matches on the ticket. If you can’t resist without playing, do it, but don’t do it every day.

Take sports betting seriously

It is necessary to return with these clarifications after I maybe put some fear in your bones with what I mentioned in a previous article. I have said that I don’t like to use the equivalence between the notion of sports betting and the phrase “gambling”. If, however, you feel things get out of hand and there is indeed an addiction to sports betting, which will lead to mental, physical, and material failure, stop and ask for help.

There is a special international site dedicated to these issues gamblingtherapy.org where you can discuss, within the limits of complete confidentiality, with specialized people. You can get in touch with a psychologist who will offer you free counseling. You can also find a specialized test on that site, and its sincere, honest completion can confirm or not your addiction.

And one more thing, very important: Do not play sports betting if you are a minor!

I know how tempting it is to do it, it’s crazy with these bets, everyone playing around you… And even if you have reached the fateful age of 18, when you enter this adventure, please take into account: Sports betting is a very important issue, very serious in our lives and for those who play, the specific education of the gambler is vital!

If you have any questions, please ask below!