Unique Adult Birthday Party Ideas by Bad Axe Throwing

fsdfsaAs we get older the list of things to do to celebrate our birthdays can become stale. Going to a club or a bar just isn’t all that fun anymore! Well, lucky for you Bad Axe Throwing has introduced urban axe throwing and it’s blowing up across Canada and even the US. It’s a great way to get all your friends together and celebrate your adult birthday party in a unique way!

Don’t be shocked, most people are surprised the first time they hear about urban axe throwing. It’s become very popular and an activity that anyone can do! Bad Axe Throwing originated in Burlington, Ontario in 2014 and has expanded to 10 locations across Canada and the United States.

Urban axe throwing is completely safe and doesn’t require any particular skills. It’s like darts but more fun! Professionally trained axe throwing coaches teach participants how to throw the axe leading them into fun games and tournaments. It all starts with an orientation followed by some practice throws. Coaches provide instruction on how to throw an axe and believe it or not, there are various techniques. They will give you tips and tricks on how to improve your throw, ultimately aiming for the bullseye. The targets are designed with rings holding different point values for each ring. The closer to the middle your axe lands, the more points you get. The event is complete when the ultimate axe throwing champion is crowned!

Hosting birthday parties is one of Bad Axe Throwing specialties. While they host birthday parties for various age groups, it is most popular for adults aged 20 – 45. They can accommodate smaller groups ranging from 8 – 15 people but can also accommodate larger groups ranging from 80 – 100 people! They make it effortless for you as they have an entire team dedicated to helping you plan the festivities. Bad Axe Throwing provides all the materials you will need to have a safe and exciting time axe throwing. There are no extra costs or hidden fees. You can to bring your own snacks and drinks saving you and your group from buying high priced food at restaurants. You’re even allowed to bring in your own music to connect to their Bluetooth speakers. If you need help with catering or booking local vendors, their team works closely with neighboring businesses to personalize your event. If you’re a party planning type of person, you are welcome to arrive early to set up your streamers, balloons, snacks and cake.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift idea for the person that already has everything, gift certificates can also be purchased online from Bad Axe Throwing.

Locations are spread out across Canada and the US from Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener, Edmonton, Surrey and Chicago. Each location varies in size and each location was designed with safety and fun in mind. The axe throwing lanes are sectioned off with fencing to only allow 2 axe throwers and the coach to be in the lane at one time. Spectators are able to get a sideline view where there are tables and chairs one can grab a quick snack before it’s their turn to throw. It’s naturally social and a recreational sport that many find addicting!

If you’re one of those who gets hooked, they also offeraxe throwing leagues. The first 7 weeks are reserved for practice throws and fun games while the 8th week is reserved for playoffs. Leagues run for a total of 8 weeks and cater mostly to newcomers looking for something fun and different to do while meeting new people in the community.

Regardless of the season your birthday falls in, Bad Axe Throwing is a premier destination to host your upcoming birthday bash. Their indoor facilities can be booked year round. It’s recommended that you book in advance, especially if you are looking to book a Friday or Saturday evening time slot as they fill up fast!

If you have any questions, please ask below!