Top 6 Scary Ideas to Celebrate Your Halloween This Year

HalloweenHalloween comes once a year, like all other festivals. While other festivals can be categorized into a group on various bases, Halloween is little different from all of them. Since it is associated with the dark and the uncanny, with the ghosts and spirits, the excitement to celebrate the occasion becomes even larger. Why not celebrate it at your home this year? Why not transform your home into a haunted house? It will be a huge surprise not only for the kids but also for your friends and neighbours whom you can ask to join the party. To organize the party, you have to make really good arrangements. Here are few ideas that are both funny and scary to suit the occasion.

1. Buy a new costume

Halloween costumes are easily available in the market or maybe, you could design one for yourself and family. Want to be Katniss Everdeen? Grab a green button-down, some cargo khakis, and a bow and arrow. Bruno Mars? A fedora and a mic. The more accessories, the better. You can also try out online for quicker delivery. For kids, let there be a different set of spooky costumes.

2. Bring the Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is one of the most special traditions of Halloween. So, you can’t really miss out on that. Get hold of pumpkins of various sizes from the pumpkin farm. Carve a spooky face, a smiling face or not a face at all? The kids can take the help of adults in carving and gutting out the pumpkin. You can go a little creative in giving your carve the look of a shadow. The light behind will illuminate it. Place the pumpkins at different corners of your house. Don’t forget to keep the pumpkin seeds for roasting.

3. Invite guests

It’s not fun to celebrate Halloween all alone. Invite some friends and neighbours to the party. Design some invitation cards that shall carry the eerie invitation to their doors. Ask the family members to join in. Come together and engage yourselves in bobbing for apples, stick in a scary movie, and load up on the popcorn and salty party foods. Visit the popular haunted house nearby or the forbidden street that you have never crossed. Get into the spirits of Halloween and feel the awesomeness of getting scared. For weak hearted people, cling to the group and don’t get lost.

4. Go trick or treat

This, too, is the oldest act in every Halloween, usually carried out by the children. Allow your children to go trick or treating. Also, the little ones from your neighbourhood might visit your place. Keep a good stock of sweet candies. You can also donate some spare clothes and books to give to UNICEF to help children all over the world. Do not send your children alone. Let them go in a group or accompany them yourself. Halloween is already quite scary!

5. Decorate your house

Decorate your house in the spirit of Halloween. If you’re going for the haunted house feel, make sure to keep dim lighting inside and out. Line the walk, but little else. Play Halloween noises and cover your entrance in fake cobwebs. If you can, have someone in costume outside your house, beckoning the children to your door. You can also pick up a theme from some horror movie or a popular story like Frankenstein, or say any other gothic tale. Decoration is very important because it is the first step that your guests and children will come across.

6. Food and drinks

A party is incomplete without delicious food and drinks. Arrange for some wonderful food items and hide them in spooky corners. Let there be proper direction everywhere and now ask the guests to find out their food items. This is really going to be fun!

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Halloween has to be enjoyed thoroughly by adults and children alike. Enjoy your party, add on to the scary elements and fill your mouth with sweet little candies! All the best!

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