Top 6 Games to Enjoy at the Christmas Party

Christmas parties can be the best way to usher in the festive season. They are usually fun-filled and enjoyable. But Christmas parties can be bland and boring without games. So, if you are planning to organize a Christmas party, it’s important to include games. While most of the amazing party games are usually meant for kids, it’s not going to be dull for the adults as well. They can also participate in a number of games that can be organized at a Christmas party. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

What to test your artistic talent? A game of Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay can surely be a great option for you to do that. One of the members of a team is told the name of a carol. And once they know it, they have to draw a picture such that their team members are able to guess the carol from that picture. Has it been long since you had left your drawing copies and colors? Then this might be a difficult one for you. So, you should better start practicing a bit a drawing and painting from right now, shouldn’t you?


Christmas Charades

Want a game that can act as an ice break among the new acquaintances? You can try out charades. Give a Christmas touch to it. Select names of movies and also some simple terms, which are associated with Christmas. This is likely to help the newly acquainted get introduced to one another and become friendly. You can also make this a Christmas Carol charade. Share the names of different songs related to Christmas and ask friends to enact them. May be a bit of test of your musical ears too?


Guess the Ornaments

Create some amazing Christmas ball ornaments. Take a container. Fill it with different Christmas ball ornaments. While filling it up, count the number of ornaments you include in each container. Pass it around to the teams and ask them to guess the number of ornaments in each container. See if anyone can make the right guess. Even if they can’t, you should focus announce the person who makes the closest guess as the winner. Such a game can be really enjoyable and handy if you want to add fun to your Christmas party.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

This can be amazing as well as hilarious. Throw a Christmas party. Ask the guests to come in couples. They should also get dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. You can even allow cross dressing to ensure that the event is full of fun. Check out the costumes and the amazing makeup of the participants.


Bouncy Castles

Not only simple games that allow you to sit and participate, but a few activities can also make your Christmas party fun. You can install a bouncy castle in your house. Remember, it’s not only meant for the kids, but for the adults as well. So, they can enjoy their time jumping on the bouncy castle. This is likely to keep their excitement high and make the party much more enjoyable for them.


Christmas Trivia

Ask about 10 questions to each person. Ensure that all the questions are related to Christmas. Check out how many correct answers they can give. You can include themes of the questions from different topics. These might include literature related to Christmas, festive movies, Christmas carols and so on. And if you want, you might even include serious topics, such as the history of Christmas, the associated mythology, The Bible, and so on.

Christmas Trivia Game

Adults can engage in these games in a Christmas party. And they need absolutely nothing as props. So, these games are easy, engaging, and fun enough to change the party for the better.

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