Tips to Take Birthday Photographs Like a Pro

When it comes to keeping the memories of your child's birthday party alive, nothing can perhaps work better than birthday photographers. You can even consider taking the pictures on your own, instead of hiring professionals. Here are the top tips on how you can make it.

Planning for the Shoot:

1. Prepare & fix the scene as key moments:

Make a checklist of some moments you want to capture; these may include some shots like blowing of candles, opening of gifts, cutting of birthday cake etc. Some questions like ‘where are you going to arrange the party?', ‘what will be the decoration?', ‘where will your guests be gathering or sitting?', ‘where are you going to capture the snaps?' etc. you may consider before setting up your party. Arranging these factors may help you to catch the best shot of your child.

2. Include different angles as well as types of snaps:

Never think twice to experiment with different angles while capturing your snapshots. Get ready to take pictures from the ‘weirdest' angles possible. Consider creating diverse lens effects, such as fish eye and tilt shift. Be creative while angling your camera and expect photos that you have never expected.

3. Capture all party details:

Capturing the shots of the details of your party will surely depict the story and create the context. The close up shots can be taken of all the special food items, decorations, cake, gifts, even a sample of invitation cards too. A good secrete is to take the snaps before your guests arrive.

4. Capture evidences:

Kids are always full of joy and energy especially on the event of their birthdays. Capture all the moments when they are playful with their friends. The size of the ideal zoom lens is 24-70 mm and it is perfect for indoor image. Just you have to change the mode dial into AV mode and have to select the ISO of 100-800 with a expanded aperture that is of focal of 2.8 to focal of 10 for a soften background. While freezing the action use flash; if you consider using an individual flash, it will be more powerful comparing to build in flash. It is especially important when you are capturing the shots of your kids from a few distances away.

5. Get closer:

To take the best image of your kid just capture the moment while they are blowing the candles on the birthday cake or sitting in a place opening their gifts. Capture a few images focusing on their side face. Utilise slight depth field to away the background from focus. To get a sharp image, keep the speed of the shutter at 1/16th per second, but also take few images of smoky trails approaching from candles; if the light is dim in indoor, just use a higher or advance ISO settings.

Some technical tips to follow:

  • Always use a continuous shooting or ‘burst' mode:

If your camera supports this mode, then you can be able to capture a sequence such as unpacking a gift or blowing out candles. It also helps you to depict the story as well as you will get more chances to capture the perfect moment.

  • Search the light:

It is especially important when you are taking shots using your phone camera and you need to ensure there should be sufficient light comparing to natural sources. Use the flash as last resort or it may wash out the colour.

You should also catch a few snapshots when children are busy enjoying themselves when they are riding bouncy castles or playing games. In fact, even a carefree ride on bouncy castle can offer a lot of candid moments to shoot.

If you have any questions, please ask below!