Tips For Becoming A Better Dancer

street-danceDo you dance like a stiff plank? If you are like most people, then you want to look good on the dance floor. You can improve your dancing skills just like you can improve anything else in your life. It simply takes a little practice, perseverance and determination. Learning a few tips along the way can also be a great way to improve your dancing skills and technique.


Warming up is often overlooked when it comes to dancing. It is important to warm-up because it will help prevent you from getting injured. Stretching is by far the most important warm-up activity and should always be considered before hitting the dance floor. Also, stretching will increase your flexibility, which will help your movements to be more effortless and give you more range of motion while dancing.

Practice Wholeheartedly

One of the best ways to not look like a goober on the dance floor is to practice joyfully. Taking the time to practice the steps will help you to look better when you dance. It is important to practice with a joyful interest because this will help you to learn faster and improve as a dancer. Take the time to truly master the basics and then your dance moves will look even more effortless. It is not about how many different dances you know, but how many dances you have truly mastered and look good doing.

Great Posture = Great Dancing

Good posture can greatly improve your dance moves. Having good posture looks better and you won't seem as stiff while you are dancing. Good posture is also better for your health and it will carry over into your regular life as well.

Focus On Your Teacher’s Instructions

If you are serious about dancing then you are probably enrolled in a dance class. Listening and paying close attention to your dance teacher is imperative to becoming a better dancer. It is great to have fun–that’s what dancing is all about, but it is important to listen to your teacher and learn as much as possible from them. This will help you to improve more quickly and will make you a better dancer in the long run.

Watch The Best

You can improve your dancing skills simply by watching good dancers. If you want to be the best, then you have to do what they are doing. By watching professional dancers you can start to mirror their actions and pick up on their techniques. You may even learn new dance moves that you've never seen before.

Dance with Different Partners of All Levels

With dancing, it is important to dance with partners of all skill levels. If you dance with a partner that has a higher skill level than you, it will help you improve your skills and when you dance with a less skilled dancer it will help increase your confidence. You may even learn something new from a less skilled dancer that you haven't been taught. Always keep an open mind and dance with as many partners as possible.

Relaxed Movements and Have Fun

With dancing, it is important to relax because this ensures that you are not stiff when dancing. The more relaxed you are, the better the dancer you will be. Another important aspect to remember when dancing is to smile and have fun. You will enjoy it a lot more and improve more quickly as a dancer when you are having fun.

Know Your Body

Finally, it is important to know your own body. Knowing your body and limitations can be the difference in being a good dancer or a great one. Always take your body and physical condition in to consideration before stepping on to the dance floor. This will help you prevent any unnecessary injuries and make you a better dancer overall.

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