Things to Do after Work, rather than Watching TV

Many people come home from work and immediately switch on the TV. For some, the habit never stops and they end up repeating sitcoms every night. A ‘little’ TV is not bad but just like everything else – too much television is poisonous.

It is not surprising that looking at your phone or watching TV for too long is not good for you. We are human beings and our bodies and minds are built to live. We are meant to do stuff, sometimes alone and other times with other people.

Try the following activities after work to notice some positive difference. Within a few days, you will notice feeling energetic after work. You will always have something to look forward to, which will increase motivation at work.

Spend quality time with friends

We have become so busy that our social lives are being reduced to texts and video chats. Spare a few evenings to spend time with your friends or colleagues. This should not be a business meeting. Instead, spend this time with people you can have fun with without worrying about work. Here are some gift ideas to put a smile on your friends’ faces.

Things to do with friends include; playing competitive games, going out shortly for a few drinks, visiting mutual friends and trying out new foods.

Physical exercise

Exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Sweating those toxins off is good for your skin and general health. If you are not a morning person, try working out in the evening. You can switch between going to the gym after work and exercising at home.

Getting a punching bag and use it in a safe and spacious area in your house. A few minutes of jumping, kicking and punching is all you need to break a sweat. Get into meditation and sweat the stresses of the day away with a yoga session. There are also many video tutorials offering different forms of exercise.

Use reliable Fitness blogs to find out how to gain fitness and nutrition. Remember to use appropriate gear during sporting activities. Start by checking out the best boxing shoes guide by SportGain and other sport gear on their site.

Master something

There is no limit to how much we can better ourselves. There are many things you can try to be really good at. After work, is the best time to master a new skill. This is the time to polish your skills. It is advisable to master something you are interested in and less serious than work. Things you can try to master include; playing a certain music instrument, speaking different languages, how to draw or paint or your favourite but most difficult dance move.

Do something philanthropic

The more we give, the more we are likely to receive in return. It is never the wrong time to offer a kind deed to someone. It could be strangers or someone you know but being philanthropic will surely make you happier. As you learn about the Science of giving, here are some simple philanthropic ideas.

Buying a considerable number of bags from cookie scouts. You could also away clothes you no longer wear to people in the streets or give food to homeless dogs or cats. Also try helping children and the elderly cross the road or volunteer for good causes.


As much as we want to be active and energetic after work, sometimes we are just too tired. If you are having such an evening, come up with a ‘recharging’ plan. Time to rejuvenate your body by eating well and having enough rest.

However, this does not mean that you sleep for 10 hours. Just try relaxing, while sipping a soothing drink like green tea. Entertain yourself with a magazine, while listening to your favourite music. There is also the option of a bath soak in a room full of aroma candles and incense sticks. Find ways to eat healthy no matter how busy you are.

Make certain you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. You want to avoid dehydration at all costs.

In conclusion, TV is not bad but you will be happier if you include other things in your daily schedule. Do not spend all your time watching other people’s lives on TV. Add excitement, laughter and activity to your life for a happier you.

Being happy at home will eventually translate into your work results. A less stressed you are probably more productive, focused and enthusiastic about their work. You are better off if you spare some time to put work aside and relieve the pressures of the day.

If you have any questions, please ask below!