The Most Popular Video Games of All Time

Video games are an important part of our lives. Mostly because, for those who appreciate them, they present an escape from reality. They enable you to be anyone you like or the person you really wanted to be; at least for as long as you are playing them. You can be a villain today, and tomorrow a superhero, and then another day you can just be a minor character in a story. Whatever you want to be, video games make it possible.

Coming up with a list of the most popular games is not necessarily that easy because most people have their own opinions. Nevertheless, there are those games that even those who are not video game fanatics are at least aware of. That is the criteria I used to come up with the list you’ll find below. If you don’t yet know that many video games, the ones below will stir up some curiosity in you, and if you can’t live without video games, I bet you’ll agree with me that the ones below are the most popular ones of all time.

Grand Theft Auto

If you are a fan of GTA, you will notice that I haven’t necessarily specified which one. GTA has been popular mostly since GTA IV, in 2008. The game kind of shows our deep desire for chaos, danger, and thrill. Most people are at least familiar with GTA either because it was one of the games they played while young or because it is the game someone they knew couldn’t stop talking about or loved playing all the time. GTA V has even gained more popularity and people can’t stop talking about it. GTA may stay one of the most popular games of all time. The ability of the player to be, do, or have whatever he or she wants is just irresistible and addictive to most people.

Super Mario Bros

If there is a video game that all generations know is Super Mario. Regardless of which country you go, chances are that those who play video games or who have been around those who play games or other types of casino games know about Super Mario or simply, Mario. Released in 1983, anyone who is into video games can still enjoy this one. It has sentimental value to almost every video game lover you’ll ever come across.


Minecraft may perhaps be one of the most popular video games in the world, mostly because of YouTube and the fact that most video game lovers keep going on and on about it. It has rapidly gained popularity since its release in 2009. It’s simple and people are addicted to its quality of being able to create a world of your own.


In the little time I’ve spent on this planet, it has come to my attention that the simplest games are the ones most people tend to enjoy the most. A game like Pacman that’s simple and almost anyone can play is what most people appreciate. It’s been around since 1980 but I bet you, just try it and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to try again after the screen goes “Game Over”. It’s simple but fun. The essence of any game is fun. Not graphics, but fun.


Also goes with the name ‘brick game’ because you seem to be arranging objects that look like bricks of different shapes. It was released in 1984 and is one of the games that is known everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean at a global level. This is one of the games that video game lovers start with.

Wii Sports

Since 2006, the main attraction to Wii Sports is that it took away the immobile or sedentary nature of playing video games and made people more involved in the game. It is physical, as in you move your arms and legs as if you are playing the actual game. Most people found this to be very interesting; not just to play but even the technology behind it is fascinating. Due to this, the game has been loved by all ever since. And things just keep getting better and better.

League of Legends

When I wrote earlier about video games providing an escape from reality, this is one of the games that really reinforces that concept. Since 2009, League of Legends has provided an online platform where people can go and create their own characters and become mystical heroes and villains of their choosing. The game gained popularity instantly and it is where most video game lovers disappear to ever since.

The Sims

The Sims was released in 2000. It’s main attraction to most people is that the game presents a world where one can be a completely different person. The League of Legends, above, makes it possible for one to be a mystical being and it’s limited to that world. But The Sims enables one to actually be another human being living in an alternate world just like ours. You sleep, eat, relieve yourself, make friends, go to work, and even have a social life, and even be enemies with the neighbors. It’s like living in an alternate universe. Both girls and boys love this one. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

These are the most popular games of all time. Of course, the times have changed and most people born within the Millennium may not have played some of these games. The most popular games for them may be Candy Crush, Pokémon Go, and, of course, Grand Theft Auto V. Be that as it may, most video game lovers today will agree that they are familiar with most of the games in the list above and they have sentimental value to them.

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