The Funniest Websites for 2013

It is extremely easy to wile away hour after hour doing absolutely nothing on the web. Surfing is what we call it. From cat videos to personalized confessions on blogs posted for all the world to see, the Internet is full of deliciously irrelevant procrastination material. Humor certainly plays a large role in these activities. The number of websites dedicated solely to side-splitting laughter is staggering. Here you will find a list of sites that are sure to have you doubled over. Their stories are fresh, and the traffic is high. The next time you find yourself researching something along the lines of the average weight of trees squirrels, consider stopping by these sites to add to your daily allotment of hilarity.

Take a Break
Over 16 million people visit Break.com daily. This site features videos and pictures from all over the internet. You can search videos by keywords or simply look at the trending video of the day. This site is heavy on the visual content. There is no distracting text full of facts to distract you here. In addition to the featured and newest content, visitors can subscribe to specific channels that are dedicated to various categories, including the genres of sports, gaming, pranks, and the utterly bizarre. This site is guaranteed to have something for tastes of all kinds.

A Different Take
Break open a can of laughs by joining the 8 million monthly visitors to Cracked.com. This site is an old pro in the world of online humor. They have been around for awhile, allowing them the opportunity to streamline their site architecture and make everything easy to find. Visitors to this site can surf through content that is geared towards all levels of sophistication. There are articles that outline strange and funny occurrences in all sectors of the daily news. Forums are hosted by this site which allow visitors to look in on the humorous comments of others exploring the same wacky flavor of entertainment. Because this site is established and has a good reputation, they are able to hire annual columnists who provide killer insights on the strange and unusual.

Establishing the Bar
No one needs to have instances mind-numbing escapism more than college students. When the books and studying are pressing down hard, they can find a brief respite at Collegehumor.com. This site also features videos, pictures, and articles, making the content not absolutely brainless. The site is organized in much the same way as a constantly update blog. The content presentation makes this site one that can be visited again and again throughout the days and weeks that comprise any dreary semester. Unlike many of the other sites previously mentioned, this one creates original content. Sketches and featured comedians make video appearances to keep the action fresh and cutting-edge.

Keeping It Pure
Some of us cry out for more videos. The majority of hilarious video content uploaded to the web by users come in at just under one minute. Due to this fact, we need hundreds of videos at the tips of our fingers. Videobash.com creates just this kind of outlet for release. The content is updated daily, creating a hot spot of comedy for more than 5 million visitors every month. One of the most attractive features of this website is that it is virtually free of advertisements. There are no pop-up windows that distract the viewer from pure, unbridled spills, singing cats, and injured athletes.

Succeeding in Failing
Failblog.cheezburger.com specializes in the humor that it presents. They are catering to a niche audience that gets their kicks from seeing other people bite the dust in hysterical fashion. The audience for this humor is 4 million strong each and every month. The site does not offer the same amount of content as the ones mentioned above. Instead, this journal of comedy relies on user posts. There is little video content, however, the pictures and screen shots make the trip worth the effort.

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