Table Tennis Robot: Your Partner in Game

r345224r3Have you ever wondered how to play tennis without a partner? After all that effort in practice, are you still struggling to develop your skills in Tennis? Your partner skills may not be up to your skill level.

Even after all the training, you may not get your best shot.You might be definitely needing a hand in your game. A beautiful robot hand that will help you to train your muscles for tennis. The era of robots have waved us with new technologies and inventions.

The table tennis robot will bring the best out of you without any special need for training.You can train at any time without any frustration. You will never feel the need for your real partner.

So how does it Work?

The first table tennis robot appeared in 1980’s solving most of the problems that the tennis player faces. If you are wondering how the mechanism works, I will show you. The mechanism works with two wheels spinning in opposite directions with different velocities. It works using compressed air. The basic idea behind the table tennis gadget is launching balls at you with various speed and spins.

If you need a non – stop match, you need to choose a model with a net to catch the ball that you return. It has different speed and different spins to meet your requirements. It chooses different locations to make you feel like you are playing a real player.

Things to scan before buying

I know you are excited to buy one of these awesome gadgets. They are different types of gadgets based on the users need. Based on different functionalities, the gadget use may change. Scan this few points before buying

  • Many robots are attached to the table and hence unable to move whenever you need.
  • Certain robots doesn’t meet your speed, hence speed and efficiency may matter to you.
  • The speed and frequency of the ball may vary based on different robots.
  • If you are willing to spend more money, hopper capacity and refill nets will give you a non-stop match
  • If you want to save time refill nets will become very handy
  • The features vary based on the amount of money that you are willing to spend.


Different Types of specifications to be considered in the Robot Model

Single Wheel Robot Heads:

  • The single wheel robot heads has only one single rotating head and therefore shoots the ball only one side.
  • It fires the ball at only a certain speed and doesn’t vary when shooting.
  • The single wheel robot maybe slower than dual wheel, but simple, efficient and affordable.

Dual Wheel Robot Heads:

  • The dual wheel robots have two rotating heads and therefore shoot the ball in different sides.
  • When the ball is fired at different speed and spins.
  • You can move in different directions to get the ball.
  • It will give you an effective training. Still you have to pay more for dual wheel robots.

Fixed Standing Robots:

  • If you want the robot to be fixed in one place, fixed standing robots can be very helpful.
  • But it cannot be moved from the table.
  • It can be useful for clubs, where you can fix it with your table and have no need to move.
  • They have attached net and recycling system and hence no need to reload every time. Still it is costlier than free standing robots

Free Standing Robots:

  • The free standing robots can be very useful considering the price and portability.
  • It can be moved wherever you want.
  • It is really helpful for single handed users.
  • You can do training in any place and yet cheaper than fixed standing robots.

Programmable or non-programmable robots:

  • I know most of you want more features out of your robot. You want to change the speed, spin and location to get more out of the robot.
  • These can be done through a programmable robot.
  • You can change the speed in which it shoot, you can change the spin and the direction in which it shoots.
  • They are other features that make programmable robot preferable.
  • I know what you are thinking. Yes, the rate increase with more features.
  • The non-programmable robots are really affordable and yet doesn’t meet all your requirement.

Master Your Game Now:

The new era of technology has changed the way we play. It has changed the tradition and gave a new path for breaking the limitations. If you want to strive your excellence, you will need more training. Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Bring home the table tennis robot to break your limitations and change the way you play. Go beyond and master your game.

Let the robot help you in training and change the way you play. Invoke the technology and change the method of play. Learn more than you do normally.

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