Stop Doing These Dota 2 Mistakes If You Want to Improve Your Game

We’ve all had our own noob period. And just like you, many other people have had their fair share of mistakes when first getting into a game. Let’s be fair, nothing is a piece of cake in the beginning, especially if you’ve had nobody around you who did it, or who could have shown you how it’s done.

But just like pros have been able to overcome their problems and become a voting option, you’re able to do it too. But let’s not waste any more time and get straight into identifying the most common Dota 2 mistakes made by beginners.

  1. Don’t Chase Heroes

One of the main goals for any team during a Dota 2 game is protecting the towers. If the enemies successfully destroy them, you’re done for. At the same time, you also have to kill enemies who try to get nearby.

But one mistake done by many beginners is chasing the enemies for too long. Of course, you want to kill them and eliminate the threat but if you keep chasing them, you might be the one being killed. Usually, their plan is to bait you away from the base, while other enemy team members are hiding in the fog and waiting to attack you. Make sure you’re not one of those people who travels half of the map to get to the enemies.

It’s annoying to see the enemy getting away, but don’t worry, you’ll have other chances to kill them. What’s important is staying safe yourself and defending the base.

  1. Not Buying Wards

Since you’re farming gold, you need to use it to buy something, right? Wards are some of the most useful items you could purchase because they show you where the enemies are going. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know their every move, and come up with a strategy to stand up to them or protect your towers whenever they get too close?

Doesn’t matter whether you play support, jungler, carry or anything else: wards can be useful for anyone, so don’t hesitate to buy them. They can even illuminate the paths used by the enemy to lurk and wait to strike, and thus save your life. Spend gold on them, and your team may end up winning the match. The same strategy will work for dota 2 gambling – being awared about the situation helps.

  1. Don’t Push Lanes Until You’re Sure You Can Succeed

It’s always important to remember that Dota 2 is more about destroying the enemy towers than killing the opponents. But people who have just gotten into the game may have a hard time with this, and they may tend to rush forward and go for the kill. This is why so many starters are doing the mistake to push the lane and lose the match as a result.

You must kill the towers, but don’t try to rush the process. That has to be done only during the later part of the game when there are no enemies to stop you or you know you have the upper hand. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to lose, as you might expose yourself to ganks and make the enemy take your gold.

  1. Missing Runes

Runes can be really helpful and aid you in winning team fights. But if you miss out on them, you’re losing the advantage. Usually, you have 4 runes at the start of the game, and then you get 5 runes every 2 minutes. You should always monitor the timer to know when runes are ready and use them in your team’s favor.

  1. Taking Damage from the Creeps

Okay, this one can be a little tricky because it’s not like you want to get damage when it happens. However, you should practice a lot to make sure it doesn’t happen. When you get damage from them, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to opponents who might be waiting to attack you. Try your best to not take any damage from creeps during the laning phase, and you won’t be vulnerable to attacks, and not waste any health potions.

  1. Not Communicating

Why would you play a competitive team game if you’re not willing to cooperate with your teammates? Not doing so equals signing your own death sentence in the game, because you won’t be able to come up with an effective strategy and follow it. You have a chat available, so use it to your advantage and don’t avoid being social if you want to win your games.

Ultimately, it’s most important to enjoy the game and get better at it, as well as get better at Dota 2 betting. Have you done any of these mistakes? Please leave a comment below and let me know! If you have any other common beginner mistakes and how to stop doing them, please leave them in the comment section.

If you have any questions, please ask below!