Stay Away from the Computer: Fun Offline Games You Can Play at Home

androidpit-best-android-games-5-w782If you lived your childhood before the 20th century, you’ve probably entertained yourself a bit differently from what the kids of today do.

Today’s technology has redefined what we do in our past time. Scrolling down through our Facebook newsfeed seem to be a general source of entertainment. Others who prefer not to be so idle play Sudoku online or try an electronic version of Tetris.

There are so many things to do with smartphones and computers alone. The number of applications available for entertainment is enough to overwhelm the average user.

Although online entertainment is a great way to escape from the stress of everyday life, constant use of phones and computers can be harmful. Poor blood circulation and eyesight are just two of the negative effects one can get when exposed to blue light from gadgets for long periods of time.

Fear not! Simply have fun the old-school way. Board games and other fun recreational activities are a great alternative. Although the preconceived notion is that these games are ‘childish’, one may be surprised at how addictive they can be.

So gather up your friends for some laugh-out-loud fun, or prepare to challenge yourself if you want a single player game. Here are three of the best games to play offline.

  1. Cards Against Humanity

Unconventional, risqué, and politically incorrect—words that are used to describe the party game phenomenon that is Cards Against Humanity. The rules couldn’t be any simpler: black cards contain the questions, white cards contain the answers. The funniest (and maybe the most inappropriate) answer wins the round. The game is flexible and can be played with different house rules. The minimum age requirement to play CAH is seventeen. It’s a great game that can accommodate a group as large as twenty people.

  1. Clue

You are invited to a mansion with seven colorful characters when the power goes out. When the lights come back, your host is murdered!

Although not true in real life, that’s the story behind Clue, the classic detective board game great for all ages. You must find out which among the seven characters murdered your host by keeping your checklist and making informed guesses. Great for the family and groups of two to eight.

  1. Friday

Looking for a game to play solo? Then try Friday! Friday is a card game for one player. You are to help save Robinson fight many hazards on an island. Robinson isn’t very strong at the beginning of the game, but as he gains more experience and actions through the card stacks, he becomes stronger. Staying on the island is very energy-draining, so help Robinson as fast as you can!


There are a lot more fun board and card games to play offline. What’s most important is to get out there and take a break from having your computer and socialize in real-time with your friends and family. The options for these games are endless! Whether its fighting dragons or helping a guy from shipwreck, you can have loads of fun offline solo or in a group.

If you have any questions, please ask below!