Simple Methods to Plan Your Wedding Day

Wedding-DroneMarriage is one of the rarest events in one's life and everybody wishes to make it memorable. Things seem fine enough until you realize that you have to arrange the D-day in the most special way. The decoration has to be catchy, mouth-watering dishes should be around and then there is the looking-good factor to keep in mind. There's so much to consider that you go all confused as to how to conduct the event in an indelible and impressive manner. With little management and wise planning however, things might just work out in an unexpectedly brilliant way.

Here are some easy tips to help you plan your Wedding in a smooth and smart style.

  1. Budget and Record keeping

The money factor plays an important role on such occasions and it is important to stick to a budget. Do not make unrealistic wishes. While it's true that it is going to be your special day, remember that there will be other happier times too. So don't be wildly extravagant with money that you don't have. Try to be flexible and spend big sums only on most important aspects. In case you have helping hands from your parents, make sure not to overburden them. You can also keep records of every detail. Start from the amount of money invested for a particular cause to receipts, seating plans, photos of desired decorations/clothing, patterns, instructions, etc. This will avoid confusions, if not anything else.

  1. Invitations

Send out wedding invitations at least 1 or 2 months before the real event. Select your favourite designs for the wedding cards and order them for printing 5-6 months prior, so that you have enough time to go for the invitations. Also, you can add a personal touch to give it a creative look. Order sufficient cards and have lots of spares since there're always chances of making silly mistakes.

  1. Wedding clothes and accessories

A dazzling and pristine look is necessary in wedding, especially if you're the bride or groom. Select your dress long before along with matching accessories and shoes. Settle down several fittings and adjustments that you'll need. Wedding ring selection is another important but fun task. Choose the one that you love and if it matches with that of your partner, it's so much the better!

  1. Photos, music and entertainment

In this case, it is good to hire a professional who can be both efficient and reliable. Pictures will capture your memories forever. So do not risk by asking someone who clicks fuzzy, out-of-focus shots and spoils it all. It is better if you take recommendation from friends who recently got married. Hire your entertainer once you have decided if it is an orchestra, band or DJ. The professionals will take up the whole responsibility to host, keep up the flow of events and make things absolutely special on behalf of you.

  1. Delicious food

One of the basic attractions of any party is the food being served there. Make a list of the common favourites and add names of special dishes that you want to arrange. Weigh the pros and cons and select something that will both please your guests and you can afford. A good starter is very important to create a positive impression that has to be followed by the main dish and end with sweet, yummy deserts. Let there be candy buffet for those with a sweet tooth. Hiring caterers is a good idea too if it falls within your budget. Also keep in mind about other additional rental equipments like tables, chairs, dinnerware, linen, etc.

  1. Timing

Time flies by quicker when you need it the most. Time management is essential or else you will ruin everything by hurrying for this and that at the last moment. Keep a diary and plan out the schedule. This will include dates for inviting guests, booking or hiring professional companies, shopping clothes and jewellery. Plus it helps you to remember important things on time.

  1. Date and Place

Fix a date that is convenient for both the partners as well as their families. Discuss it between the two families to find out if it is all right with both the parties. Secondly decide the venue. For an event, as grand as wedding, it is always wise to hire some wedding halls that is situated at a reasonable distance and easy to reach by some or the other forms of transport.

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