Shooting Portraits at Home [Infographic]

Good photo is the key for the success of store. If a website consists of amateur shots, customers will leave the platform without a second thought. When you are trying to sell apparel through a virtual store, portraits can do a wonderful job. It is best to hire a professional to create your product portfolio. However, if the budget is a constraint, you may try your hand to get some nice clicks.

In portrait photography, studio plays a vital role. Primarily you can transform a room into studio. For that you will require a basic photography kit. In the kit there are soft boxes and umbrella that are inevitable to get the best shots. Think about the composition, lights, colours and outcome of the images. It is best to take the shots in manual mode as you will have the liberty to control the shutter speed and aperture. To achieve a fabulous shot you need to experiment a lot. Never give up until you are happy with the outcome.

Amanda Maddox

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