Russian Hacker Creates Amazing Method to Win in Casinos

Gambling is addictive, especially when we see the slot machines in casinos where we are promised big wins, but most of the time they end up eating our money.

A Russian hacker developed a method that allows you to win big prizes in casino games all over the world without even having to be present, since everything is done remotely and in complicity with the player using a reverse engineering system and a mobile application.

Playing slots does not require skill but luck although the machines are required to deliver a certain amount of winnings, so the results of each play depend on an algorithm.

A Russian hacker created an infallible method to win in the slot machines of online casinos all over the world, since he managed to determine the exact moment when the game will deliver a prize and thus warn whoever is in front of the game of chance to start the play.

His name is Alex and he is an expert in mathematics. This native of Saint Petersburg runs a lucrative business with partners in casinos around the world but without leaving his office, since he developed a method that deciphers the algorithm of a certain machine and knows exactly when it will deliver a prize.

This hacker who made about $250,000 in profits a week does not consider himself to be cheating, since he technically does not intervene in slot machines and only uses a skill he developed himself, he wanted to end his involvement in this “business” and sell his secret to one of the biggest manufacturers of this type of equipment.

The company refused to pay the Russian hacker, let alone believe him despite seeing the evidence, so Alex plans to offer his knowledge to another company and then go out of business.

How the Slot Winning Trap Works

Slot machines use a system known as PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator), unlike what is believed to happen every time the button is pressed to start a game, a new draw begins, so prizes do not accumulate to appear after a certain number of plays.

The PRNG system is based on algorithms that are not completely random but with patterns that are impossible to understand for the vast majority of people. This is exactly what the Russian hacker took advantage of to find his method of winning in slot machines.

Alex, the name of the person who created this system of casino scams, works together with partners who visit these establishments in different countries that use slots with PRNG, using a smartphone to record the behavior of the machine on video.

The system created by this Russian hacker analyzes the videos from Saint Petersburg and once it has deciphered the slot’s PRNG algorithm, it sends vibrations to a mobile application used by those who are playing the casino.

The player associated with Alex and who is in the slot feels a vibration a quarter of a second before he has to press the button to start the winning move, enough time for him to react properly and get good results.

Thanks to his computer and mathematical knowledge, the Russian hacker Alex found the best formula to ensure wins in slot machines, a move that so far has paid off well, but is still risky.

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