Roulette Casino Facts

Many myths revolve around gambling, especially in roulette casinos. The truth is that: adding the existing numbers on the roulette cylinder 1 + 2 + 3 +… 36 results the number 666. Despite this myth or truth, more and more people are attached to this generator of illusions in the hope of getting rich overnight. Addiction to these roulette games in casinos is growing at a dizzying pace even among many business people for whom gambling is a great danger.

Addiction to roulette is an even greater danger among teenagers who have as a model of life (idol) the man with money – the rich man! Very few teenagers can afford to visit classic casinos, so they have the chance to play only at local games or online casinos. The game against software and programs designed to make a profit leaves many young people without hope. I have noticed countless times that in the places where there is electronic roulette, particularly in Spain, many young people come with 10-20 euro hoping for huge gains of 100-200 euro, which is completely wrong!

Calculating according to the rules of the big players, it would be a 1000% profit, which is almost impossible to achieve. If only some of these young players would respect the winning calculations in percentages, ie at 10 euro with 15% win, the situation would look different! After a few discussions with an owner who owns this type of roulette, I found out that the big problem is not with the players (customers) who come, play, consume something and leave, but with the employees who serve these devices. Countless times, they had to fire them, because, despite the house regulations which prohibit them from cheating, they took advantage of the fact that “the key is with them” and thus caused significant damage to both owners and to the players.

But I appreciate the owners of such places with gaming machines because they see these games as a profitable business. And so it is! For some players, especially in classic casinos, roulette is a way to relax, where “today you lose, tomorrow you win”, and so on, but the basic condition is not to affect your personal budget. It is really pleasant in Spain, in any big casino where you can analyze the profile of each player, where even in moments of busy atmosphere, the smiling employees try to inspire your confidence, relaxation, and good mood.

If every hotel or restaurant learned something about the hospitality of casinos, we would have perhaps the best gastronomy in Europe. I noticed with sympathy that 70-80% of croupiers are girls, which is not very common in Europe, so many foreign “dozen players” frequent gambling in big cities trying to escape the daily monotony. But there are other opportunists, who take advantage of gastronomic marketing and visit these places, only for food and drink that is at discretion and from time to time throw a token on the game table and a look at the beautiful girls who roam from one table to the other. What’s more! Discretionary money and beautiful girls. Every man’s dream.

There are also cheats or book counters, but they are immediately monitored and denied access. But the greatroulette players stand out from a distance: their elegance and behavior, as well as the graceful and precise game show the high degree of training and a rich experience inroulette games. They prefer anonymity and the qualities of players do not make them public or discuss winnings, everything is under the sign of luck. Is it true? Is this the mirage in Red and Black?

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