Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers

There is no denying the fact that video games can be a very controversial subject. After all, there are some good aspects to gaming. There are also many bad aspects. Therefore, parents have to be careful when it comes to letting their teenagers play video games. They need to weigh the pros and cons to determine how much is enough. So, what are the positive and negative effects of video games on teenagers? This question will be explored in greater depth below.

The Positive

Many parents mistakenly believe that video games are a waste of time. While they are indeed a good way to kill time, video games can be beneficial in many ways. Below, you will learn more about the positive effects video games can have on teenagers.

Enhancing Cognitive Functions

When playing video games, the teenager will be required to rely heavily on their cognitive functions. They’ll put many cognitive skills to the test. This includes visual processing, reasoning, memory, and even perception. Many believe that violent video games are always bad. Research suggests otherwise. After all, it has been shown that violent games can improve the player’s ability to think in different dimensions. While you might not want your child playing Grand Theft Auto, there is nothing wrong with a little Sbobet88 now and then.

Improves Eye And Hand Coordination

To be successful, your teenage child needs to have a good eye and hand coordination. If they do not, they’re not going to be able to perform basic tasks. They’ll have a tough time in life. There are many effective ways to improve this skill. However, some methods are far more effective than others. This is where video games enter the picture. Research confirms that teenagers can enhance their eye-hand, spatial, and visual coordination skills by playing video games. While all games can be helpful for this purpose, the research shows that shooters are the most beneficial.

While you have to be careful about the gory aspect of these games, you should still consider letting your child play them.

Quick Decision Making

A lot of video games are fast and furious. The player is required to think and make decisions very rapidly. Otherwise, they’re going to be killed by their opponent. This is why video games can be helpful for teenagers. It allows them to put their critical thinking skills to the ultimate test. To survive, the player will need to make the right decision in a matter of seconds. With time and practice, they’ll get better at making the right decision and this will translate to other aspects of their life too.

Eliminates Anxiety And Stress

The teenage years can be rough on everyone. Teenagers far more problems at school and they have more responsibilities to juggle. They need a good outlet for these problems. Well, video games may be the solution. By playing these games, the teenager will be allowed to unwind. In return, this will allow them to reduce and even eliminate their anxiety and stress. That will make them happier overall.

Negative Effects

Ultimately, video games are not the perfect solution. They do come with some negative effects. They’ll be analyzed in more depth below.

More Aggression

Unfortunately, some video games are violent. When your child plays these games, it may encourage them to exhibit more violent behavior in real life. This is why you should be very cautious about the games that you’re going to let your child play. Try to find games that are appropriate for your child. Otherwise, you may be doing more harm than good. After all, you do not want to desensitize your child to the violence.

Gaming Can Be Addicted

Another thing to note is that video games can be addicted. There are millions of teenagers all around the world who are addicted to video games. It completely consumes their life. When they get home from school, they begin playing their favorite games. They won’t stop for anything. When it gets to this point, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. It is best to put a halt to gaming before it becomes addicted.

Decrease In Grades

Finally, you should know that your teenager is likely going to dedicate a lot of time to their games. They might spend so much time gaming that they do not have time for their studies. That can result in a decrease in their grades. Playing video games is fine. However, too much is a bad thing. Be sure to speak with your teen and get their behavior straightened out before it is too late.

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