League of Legends: A Background for New League of Legends Account Users

hc6k-CustomLeague of Legends is one of the biggest online games in the world with millions of players all across the globe. This is a basic guide for beginners to the game.

League of Legends (LoL) is an online multiplayer game where players face off in a battle arena. It is a real-time strategy video game developed and published by Riot Games with the sole objective is to conquer each other's base and enemy nexus (Summoner's Rift). In League of Legends, players control a “champion” with unique abilities and weapons and battle against a team of other players. Throughout the game, players may kill minions, monsters, other Champions or destroy enemy structures for XP points and gold. Earning XP points will level players up which gives them the opportunity to learn or level skills enhancing their abilities and increasing stats. With gold, players may buy items from the shop that will help build their character.

Basic Roles for New League of Legends Account Users

There are 5 basic roles players can take in a team. There are certain champions that wield needed abilities for each role. There are three lanes in the map (Summoner's Rift) and roles usually depend on which lane a player chooses. Champions may be bought in the shop. There are a handful of free Champions that rotate and change weekly so players may try out new Champions.

  • Top Lane - Usually players who choose top lane choose Champions that are tanky that deal considerable damage. It is important that the Champions that are in this lane have excellent sustain because they are the ones usually isolated from the action. These Champions must be able to hold lanes with minimal supervision or help from other team mates early game. However, nowadays with the fast changes of meta, anyone can Top Lane. As seen in the recent World Championship 2015, we see Champions such as Lulu (who is usually either Mid or Support) playing Top Lane. In team fights these Champions are usually the initiators and are at the front lines.
  • Mid Lane-Mid Laners are usually the ranged magic damage dealers (AP). These are the AP carries. Mid laners should usually be versatile, able to give aid to the Top or Bot lane whenever needed. In team fights, these players are the ones that usually have crowd control abilities and deal massive damage as well.
  • Jungler – Junglers farm in the Jungle. The Jungle is the home of various monsters that provide special buffs when killed. Junglers farm the jungle and gank the lanes providing help to all the other roles. These Champions must be talented at entering fights and must have excellent Map awareness and responds well.
  • Bot Lane (AD Carry) - The AD carries are ranged damage dealers. These Champions are excellent at pushing lanes and destroying enemy structures. In team fights these players usually stay at the back, free hitting enemy champions from afar.
  • Bot Lane (Support) - Supports, however neglected, are one of the most important roles of the game. Early game they are with the AD carry, providing aid. They are usually the ones with crowd control abilities such as slows, knock ups, snares and stuns. They also provide sustain and protection like buffs, heals, or shields.

Basic Champions for New League of Legends Account Users

Now that you have proper basic knowledge of the game and the roles each player may take, it's time to try them out for yourself. Each player has a role and Champion that they excel at and it's time to find your own. Below is a list of Champions that you should start with to find the role fit for your gamestyle. Although, as you mature as a LoL player, you should be able to play all roles.

  • Garen - Garen is an excellent and easy to learn tank Top Laner. He has excellent sustain with its powerful health regen passive. He deals damage with his mighty sword and has the ability to silence a Champion from casting skills.
  • Annie - Annie is a powerful Champion for Mid Lane. She has fire abilities and incinerates enemies with balls of fire. She is known for her passive that stuns enemies after every 4th She has excellent burst damage. And did we mention that she can summon her stuffed bear Tibbers into a flaming giant viscous bear to aid her in battle?
  • Ashe - Ashe one of the most basic AD Carry She has considerably far range that slows targets with her basic attack which is excellent for kiting. Her ultimate ability is a global arrow, once it hits an enemy Champion it deals damage and stuns them for a short duration.
  • Master Yi - Master Yi is an incredible Jungler. He has powerful sustain as he has the ability to "meditate" and heal himself. He is a trained ninja assassin and can damage multiple enemies without being caught. He also has the ability to get a boost in movement speed which makes him an excellent ganker.
  • Soraka - Soraka is an excellent choice if you want to learn how to Support. She provides heals, even global heals for everyone on the allied team, can silence enemies from casting skills, and can even root them if they stand still long enough. She is very talented at keeping her allies alive throughout the battle.

All Champions above are only 450IP in the shop and will help you learn the basic roles of the game.

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