How to Use Your Phone Pleasantly

Cell phones get negative criticism, and not without reason. We are far from our phones when we talk with our friends, and miss important moments of life, looking at the screens.

Is your mobile phone good or evil? It all depends on how you use it. Here are several ways to use your mobile phone to make you more joyful.

Call someone

Keep in mind those days when you need to get out of the phone in time to find out what was the day out with your friend? Your mobile phone can do this. Your phone can help you to keep in touch with any friend all over the world and it doesn’t matter where is he or she.

Video call by FaceTime or Skype

Unlike a standard call, FaceTime and Skype are not only voice call but a video call too. Eye contact, smiles, laugh and showed emotions would make you and your friend closer. You can see him just like in real talk, understand his feelings clearly and even drink or party together if he is far away. And it will also help you if live far away from your parents and mother wants to see your smile.

Download happy apps

There are dozens of applications for squandering time — taking you on. Angry Birds, Subway Surfing, My Talking Tom and other killing time apps can make you happier with their bright and colorful design and exciting performance.

Play online games

If you are sad, some adrenaline from online gaming will make you happier. It’s easy — drop the coins in space and click on the grip or draw a pen. Beginners can find an individual connection with traders or different players at the tables. The largest, the most lifestyle, large areas in the blood club in the vastness.

According to the team of Slots Planet Online – in Canada, online games are the most popular way to spend time. In other respects, the popularity pushes to the fact that the game in slots rivals the board game.

Make yourself healthier

Everyone has a health and your mobile phone. And it is easy to improve your health by cell phone. The fitness app can help you in training, motivate you and explain eating habits. Just use the health-improving applications, and you will find out the easy way of being healthy and happy.

A mode that will deliver more endorphins, an elevated substance. Take a hit when downloading applications. Endomondo, Nike Training, MyFitnessPal, Runtastic etc. They will check every training and steps, every eating. Just choose the best one and the way in which you need help.

Easy meditation with a smartphone

Are you one of those people who can not meditate? Thanks to many applications, you can finally enjoy many of the benefits of meditation. E.g., Headspace, Dream on, Live happy and other apps for meditating and dreaming can make your mood better and smile bigger.

Try downloading Headspace, Calm.com or MindBody Connect and get ready to talk. It will tell you how to sit in a correct way, close eyes and keep your mind concentrate. You will know how to control your thoughts and how to rest without stress.

Scroll social networks and text friends

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat will make you and your friends closer because you will be informed what are they doing, eating and thinking about.

But be prepared to control the wasting of time on this type of resting — turn on the timer with exact minutes that you wanna be online and jump into social media life.

Go out

Use your phone as a music player and listen to music. You can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks and learn new information. This type of being out will protect you from feeling loneliness, keep your thoughts concentrate and make you fitter and healthier with interesting information.

Edit your photos

The last two decades are the heyday of social networks. They are becoming more and more, they are constantly upgrading, improving the quality of their functions and expanding the possibilities. And consistently they are gaining an increasing audience of fans. All people’s lives are in the public access for viewing, people hurry to share their best photos and interesting thoughts. And in this situation you cannot do without photo editors. Photoshop, Pixlr, Aviary, Piclub, Avatan and plenty of others – choose for your taste.

Beautiful photos in social networks have already become a whole art. And if the network sometimes comes across unprocessed photos, then the author should be just too lazy to do it. Experiment with your images and make your photos more colorful, because you have such a lot of possibilities for this!

Learn new words

It is one of the best entertainments that will bring you a huge benefit. You will only win if you use an application for training of foreign words when you are standing in line, traveling in public transport or just feel boring. Anki, Busuu, Multitran, Lingualeo, Duolingo are the most popular ones, but for sure you can choose among hundreds of them.

The era of printed boring dictionaries has already passed. You can also train the vocabulary in an interesting way – to see the picture, to hear the pronunciation, to perform simple exercises in the game form and after a while to refresh the learned words in your mind.

Read and listen to the books

If you have enough time, the electronic library is also a great alternative to entertain your mind a little bit. Believe me, books will entertain and distract you from everyday affairs and problems much better than another primitive game. Now you can find many stylish and functional applications for reading or listening books that support almost any document format.

Even if you have no mood or comfortable conditions for reading now, then choose some other application today, but do not forget sometimes to open a book leastwise for a change.

If you have any questions, please ask below!