How to play the Brewer Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Many players, coming to World of Warcraft after the release of the Dragonflight update, whether they are newbies or players who have returned to the game after a break, are faced with dramatic changes in the meta.

The second important point is that the Dragonflight update has been in effect for almost a year, and in order to catch up, you will need many hours of active play and understanding of patch notes, or contacting the professional Skycoach service. Buying game currency for new equipment, or a boosting service that will quickly close the gap with the main players and open access to new content, will greatly simplify your conquest of the Dragon Islands.

Basic information about the Brewmaster Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The Brewmaster Monk class is a highly mobile hero, with the ability to apply buffs to self and allies, and the token of being able to delay incoming physical damage for 10 seconds and take it later, or ignore it in the future if skills and talents are used correctly.

Major Changes to the Brewmaster Monk Class in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

In the Dragonflight update, Blizzard developers have significantly reworked the skill system and moved them to talents. Talents are active or passive skills that form the basis of builds.

This allows you to form any builds and combine skills the way the player thinks, without any restrictions from the game system. In case of problems and poor implementation, you can always reset the skills and start all over again until you form a new build to suit your needs.

The main change for the Brewmaster’s specialization is the acquisition of Rising Sun Kick, which deals heavy physical damage to the target. Previously, this skill was not available to him, and now he is a full-fledged offensive adventurer with the ability to dodge and block heavy physical damage and deal damage to the enemy in response.

Top Benefits of the Brewmaster Monk Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  1. You can predict and forecast most incoming damage against you with Stagger and Hidden Reserves. You will be able to delay most of the physical and magical damage, or even avoid it altogether, with the right application and understanding of the intricacies of the mechanics.
  2. Increased mobility due to a forward roll, Tiger’s Lust, which increases the speed of not only the monk, but also allies and transcendence – a skill that allows you to go into an incorporeal shell leaving the body and gain increased mobility for a short time.
  3. Special abilities that will allow you to control the enemy – send them to you, provoke, or vice versa create a special zone that will push opponents out of it and knock them over.
  4. Skills that will not allow the enemy to attack or run away – paralysis and kick with a stun.
  5. The skill that allows you to remove any poison and disease is detoxification.
  6. Auras that will strengthen you and allies who are nearby. You can increase movement speed, add evasion, or increase incoming healing.
  7. A unique debuff that will increase all physical damage received on the target you apply it to.

Disadvantages of the Brewmaster Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  1. The lowest health of any tank in WoW, and as a result vulnerable to damage over time, skills that gradually reduce health.
  2. Greater vulnerability to strong and periodic magic damage due to weak magic defense and long cooldowns of defensive spells.
  3. There is only one skill for healing and removing negative effects, otherwise you have to rely on mobility and healing potions.
  4. Lots of cooldowns to control for effective defensive and offensive play.
  5. The requirement for an intuitive understanding of the character, positioning and subtle transition from attack to defense and vice versa. High fees for mistakes.
  6. You need to keep track of the Stagger skill in order to use it in time and increase the % of Damage Over Time Block from 10% to 45%.

Stats and their priority for the Brewmaster Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Each class in the WoW world has its own set of fundamentally important characteristics, without which the character simply will not progress. For some, damage from the hand is important, for others when using skills, and so on.

For the Brewmaster Monk class, there are two options for selecting characteristics and the choice depends on your playstyle – you are a defensive or offensive tank.

If protection:

  • Item level – each element of weapons and equipment has its own level, which depends on the place of extraction and the complexity of the farm and the general level of the character.
  • Versatility – allows you to increase the level of defense and attack, which increase from the first level. Damage in PVP and PVE depends on the difference between attack and defense for all characters, and this parameter cannot be postponed.
  • Mastery – allows you to increase the overall effectiveness of the skills used. Increases the chance of passing and overall damage, the likelihood that the skill will work on an increased timer.

If attack:

  • Versatility – the same as with defense, only in the direction of attack. Use every opportunity to increase physical damage, since it is his strength that affects your penetration of the target, and in combination with the negative effect on the reduction of defense, the Monk becomes a full-fledged Damage Dealer with high defense.
  • Critical damage – When the character’s main damage is reduced to physical damage, you need to increase the critical attack parameter. This is an opportunity to deal double damage with a certain chance. When the Monk attacks the target, the enemy will not resist for a long time from a large number of skills of control, attack and critical attack.
  • Speed – When you are attacking a target, it is extremely important to have a high potential for movement speed. If you can catch up with the target, or better yet, do it under the influence of negative effects on the slowdown, then you will very likely come out of the battle as a winner.


You need to decide on your playstyle and role in combat, farming and raids.

In general, the Brewmaster Monk is a full-fledged universal class with the ability to be an attacking character with high damage and a large set of skills for fixing and controlling enemies.

If you choose protection, you can block incoming physical damage to yourself and allies, hold buff auras, and catch up with any opponents by keeping them on you while your allies destroy them.

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