How to Look Your Best at Any Event

Fashion is all about presentation, but it’s also about making people look at you and say something along the lines of “Wow! I wish I were just as cool!” The crowd will want to look at you and think about how you’re able to project confidence levels that go through the roof. But it also has a lot to do with where you are that really adds to your sense of fashion.

For that, you need to know how to strut your stuff the right way. Whether it’s a block party or a college frat function, these tips should teach you a thing or two about being a fashion icon in your own little way.

  1. Make headway

The first thing that people notice about you is, of course, your face. If you’re at a party filled with half-drunk people, you’re bound to know if any of your friends are there amongst the euphoria. To know for sure, you will have to look at each person in the face! That said, it’s important that you draw people in by how well you style your hair, wear makeup, and choose the right accessories to match the occasion. Look along the lines of a silver necklace or a string of pearls that add a touch of glamour to your look if you’re attending a formal gathering. For more casual events such as a gig at a dive bar, earrings and a faint touch of blush is already enough.

  1. Stay hip

People think that the hipster design ethic in fashion has withered away. Really, it hasn’t, thanks mostly to a strong affinity to anything vintage that Millennials possess. Oldies will always remain goodies. That is why you can still manage to wear anything Retro- or greaser-inspired, so long as you look good in old garb. For this, you might as well start by wearing thin button-downs coupled with ankle-pants and twill jackets. If you really want to push eccentric boundaries even further, you might as well order a wooden bowtie from motilekwoodbowties.com, so you can feel really at home in your idiosyncrasies.

  1. Make it tight

Tight pants are on the rise and thanks to the Retro-wave that’s sweeping the whole world, we are now seeing a resurgence of skinny jeans and comfy chinos that are set a few inches above the ankle. For sure, you might want to try out wearing khaki pants and plain blue jeans for an overall indie vibe. You can also try out a pair of nifty joggers for a more modern look. Keep legs tight though if you really want to accentuate your hips. You’ll need to look your best when you’re at a block party together with friends.

  1. Get grungy

What is with all the nostalgia?! Well, it’s actually a good thing when we revert back to old fashion motifs. After all, people want to go back to a simpler time when you dress minimally. And even if you were just wearing the plainest clothes, you can still count yourself as a hardcore follower of the early 90s alternative rock lifestyle. That said, you might as well don comfy plaid shirts and baggy pants. Let’s face it, you had a crush on Winona Ryder before, so why not assume her down-to-earth attitude by rocking the apparel that defined youth culture back in the day?

  1. Slip into a dress

Aside from rock and indie-inspired garb, you can also assume a girl-next-door attitude by opting for floral sleeveless dresses. Think of Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe and how everything seems to pop like spring blossoms. After all, it’s already the spring season, so you might as well slip into something more comfortable, especially if you’re attending an open-air concert.

  1. Choose your kicks

Your garb isn’t complete without having the right pair of sandals or sneakers that provide both comfort and visual impact. A safer bet is to opt for dark brown vintage shoes that go well with dresses. If you want to achieve a more sporty look, you might want to wear retro rubber sneakers that are snug on your feet.

Want to be the centerpiece of any social function? You just have to determine the clothing combinations that work best for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!