How To Host An Amazing Vintage Tea Party

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Everybody loves a trip down the memory lane. Why don’t you incorporate the same idea in your upcoming kitty party? Give your guests an opportunity to take the subtle trip down the history lane.

Here’s how you can host an amazing vintage tea party.

  1. Be realistic with the number of invitees you can cater for

Before deciding on the date, you should decide on the number of your invitees. Be realistic in this decision of yours.

How many people can you realistically and cater for? How much crockery do you realistically have? How big is your table? Hope the number’s not going to be so huge that everybody will cram all around it.

You should think about all these things before deciding on the number of your invitees. If possible, keep the numbers small and cozy such that you can handle it with ease.

  1. Get your time and date sorted as soon as possible

You’ve fixed the number of invitees and now the sole focus should be on the date and time of your party.

Most people are quite busy as bees these days. You will see that even with a few weeks’ notice, there are some with pre-made plans. So it’s definitely better not to wait for too long. Make up your mind quick and get your date penciled in their diaries ASAP.

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  1. Decide your menu

Once you sort out your date and numbers, it’s time to think about the menu. The menu’s probably the most important part of your party.

What do you plan to do? Will it be something traditional or something contemporary? Will you have enough time to prepare the foods on that day as a host? And then you have to do a little research. Do any of your guests have specific food allergies? If you find one, strike off the food from your menu.

A simple advice would be to keep things simple. Even a simple menu like triangular sandwiches, a cake, some snacks (chips can work well) with endless supply of coffee/tea can do the trick nicely. These are classic but they never go out of fashion. After all you are organizing a vintage tea party which is also a classic.

You can also ask your guests for extra helping hands. You’ll be surprised to see a fair few coming to your aid almost immediately.

  1. The attire

Part of your vintage party fun resides completely on your choice of dress. You should try and set a theme in the party. Oh wait! You already have one; it’s a vintage tea party.

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Ask your guests to come in vintage dresses.

If you need a little bit of help, check out vintage make-up, hair and dress ideas on the internet. Tons of vintage dress ideas are there on the internet. Use them.

  1. Use vintage crockery for your party (if you have any)

Modern crockery is undoubtedly beautiful but does it suits the purpose of this party; especially this type of party? No; right?

If you have a vintage crockery in your store, use it. It’s going to complement the theme of your party exceptionally well.

You can even pick up a few from stores for only a few pounds. You can visit your local charity shops to look for bargains. Pawn shops are also a good option.

  1. If you are feeling a bit too adventurous, hire a vintage photo booth

Photo booths are fun; there’s no doubt about it. They can tune up the level of fun in your party by a notch or two.


A vintage photo booth can be the heartbeat of your vintage tea party. Just like vintage crockery, it can complement the theme of your party exceptionally well.

Well, if you are feeling a little too adventurous, get one. These photo booths are tailor made for parties like this. Your guests would love it.

  1. A little bit of music and entertainment

Date’s sorted; table’s sorted; menu’s sorted and even your photo booth’s sorted. Now comes the topic of entertainment.

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What should be the background music of your party? Is it going to be based on the 70s rock and roll genre? Or is it going to be Floyd? Or do you think pop suits better?

Do you want to include a bit of dance in your party as well? Decide on these things ASAP.

So that’s it then. Pretty simple; isn’t it? It’s the execution which is difficult. Make your plan systematically and then go ahead with it. That’s the key to hosting an amazing vintage tea party.

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