How to Entertain Friends and Family on Sunny and Rainy Days

When you are trying to find fun things to do with your friends and family while not spending every dollar in your pocket, you might come up with one or two ideas that rely on the weather for that day. But there are actually tons of things that you can do whether it is sunny or rainy. Here are some ideas on how you can keep your family entertained no matter what situation you may be facing.

For inside: pillow fight

If you have a lot of pillows lying around the house, you can easily create a pillow war with your family and friends. Make sure that the pillows are soft so that no one gets hurt and have at it. You can also build pillow forts and blanket forts so that each team has a base of operation where they can hide and come up with a sneaky plan.

For outside: kickball

If you have a lot of family members or friends visiting, you can easily create a game of kickball in your backyard. All you need are a few base plates, a ball, and at least four players. You should also make sure that you have room to run around and space out the bases so that it is harder to get from one place to another.

For inside: watching a movie

It might not be the most conversational activity at first, but it is a great way to bring up the fun and new conversations at dinner when the movie is done. You can watch a movie on a rainy day, at night, or even on a sunny day with the windows closed. This is a great way for friends and families with older kids to bond. So the next time you aren’t sure how to connect with someone you want to entertain, try putting on a new movie and the ice will immediately be broken.

If you have a dedicated theater room set up in your home, you can add in modern sliding door hardware to really bring in the atmosphere of a movie theater. This will also increase the chances of your guest or family member being entertained because it is something they were not expecting to see when you suggested a movie.

For inside: board games

A simple board game might be the exact thing you need on a rainy day where everyone is bored. You can bring out a simple and easy board game that is quick to get through like the game of Life. Or you can pull out a mystery game like Clue that will take a little longer to complete if you have enough players.

For outside: racing around the lawn

You can set up a race track around your lawn even if you have nothing to work with but the trees and cars in the driveway. As long as the track is clear of debris so no one falls and gets hurt and there won’t be other cars pulling in without being expected, this is a great way to run out the energy of all of your kids before bringing them in for dinner.

For outside: leaf pile or water balloon fight

Depending on the time of year, you can put together a big leaf pile for everyone to jump into, or you can have a water balloon fight. If it is spring and summer, you should opt for the water balloons as it might be difficult to find enough leaves for a suitable pile to jump into. But if it is fall, a water balloon fight is still possible as long as the water temperature and the outdoor temperature are opposite so that no one gets too cold.

For both inside and outside: homemade slime and painting

There are plenty of ways to make slime at home. Depending on the area you are working with, you should probably make slime outside to create less mess. But it can be done inside with the right planning and spaces set out. Painting is the same. You will run into fewer issues if you have a section outside prepared for this activity, but it can be done inside if you don’t have another choice.

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