Here’s how expensive it really is to play golf

Most of us consider golf to be the sport for the rich aristocrats. However, it might not be as expensive as everyone thinks, after all. In all honesty, maintaining and running a nice golfing field is a very expensive business and thus it isn’t as cheap as playing basketball in a local rec or community centre, but there are fields open to the public where you can have a nice round of golf for under 100$. However, there are a lot more costs to factor in, and you do need a lot more than just that fee to be able to play. But how much, exactly?

First cost – lessons

Golf just isn’t one of those games that you can learn on the go. You have to get familiar with the techniques of swinging before it’s even worth it to go out. Depending on how you pick up new things, how fast that is, the number of lessons needed, vary. However, plan anywhere between 500 and 1,000$ for this step.

Step two – one-time playing or a membership at a club?

A caddy, clubs, gloves and balls could be bought and/or rented from the club, so it’s best to leave those expenditures for later. There are golf courses which sell day passes that cost anywhere from 30 to 150+ USD per round. However, if you plan on being a regular golf player, it’s best to join a club and membership prices range from a few hundred dollars per year up to five or even six figures annually for the most elaborate and exclusive clubs.

If you join a more high-tier club, it is highly likely that many perks will be at your disposal at all times (caddy, assistants, gloves, clubs, tees, balls, towels, etc.). But it’s always better to have a set of your own clubs and your own gloves and shoes before beginning to play. Clubs cost varyingly. You can find a set of 7 clubs for under 150 USD but there are exclusive top-tier examples that set you back thousands. Let’s say you’re a beginner and thus you shouldn’t spend more than 400USD for your first set of clubs. Gloves are 50 USD and shoes are 70-100 USD. So, as a beginner, you will need to spend additional 500-600 bucks for the right setup. Let’s not forget your annual membership fee or occasional fees for one-time playing.

When you’re a serious player – the costs grow significantly

A caddy, pro-level clubs, cases and a lot more things can run up the costs tremendously. For example, let’s look at the purchase of a caddy. It can be left at the premises of the club of which you are a member of. However, a used, economy-class caddy (in decent condition) costs no less than 3,500$. A new, high-class golf cart could cost anywhere between 6,000$ and 12,500$. However, this does not price in any additions that you would like to have, such as having it painted a custom colour or adding custom steering wheels for golf carts. There are so many ways that your expenditures can increase, but everything, for the most part depends on how often do you play and how much money you can allocate for this hobby.

All in all

Golf is a sport that will allow you to spend every penny that you have if you want to. However, a minimum amount needed to play golf is close to 100-200$, if you rent everything and play at a cheaper field. However, when you decide to buy your own gear and practice through lessons to get started – the cost can increase to somewhere between 1,500 and 2,200$.

Finally, regular and enthusiastic players will want to join a club as well as purchase better clubs, a caddy and possibly even hire extra personnel to help along the way. So, if you want a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, you’re looking at another 10 thousand USD investment.

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