Hen Party Dares

hen-partyA successful hen night requires, aside from a bride, guest and quite often alcohol, accessories such as veils, tiaras and other assorted hen night paraphernalia. It is important not to forget the second guest of honour, the obligatory blow up man and a collection of extremely amusing hen night dares!

Hen nights are all about letting your hair down and enjoying some light-hearted and often quite silly fun. In order to ensure that the bride has a fabulous and memorable night and that a great time is had by all, make sure that you have a decent set of hen party dares such as this collection to hand.

1) Find someone with a bald head and give it a kiss. Make sure that someone catches this on camera, and perhaps ask the owner of the polished head for permission first though.

2) Have your picture taken with a bouncer. The sillier the face you pull when the picture is taken the better.

3) Enjoy a Flaming Sambuca with a Chilli Vodka chaser. This is not a challenge for the faint of heart!

4) Collect ten different coasters and have random strangers write messages on each one wishing the bride good luck. This is a bit of fun and the bride may keep the coasters as part of her memory box for the hen night.

5) Lead a cheesy sing-song on the karaoke. It doesn't matter whether your singing voice sounds like an angry cat on helium or not, a dare is a dare and you must complete the song in full.

6) Find the oldest gentleman in the bar and ask him to dance with you.

7) Wear your bra on top of your shirt. If you aren't wearing a bra then you must borrow one from another hen, wear your top inside out or wear your knickers over your trousers.

8) Talk to a stranger at the next bar you visit and pretend you knew him when you were children. See how long you can keep it up.

9) Pretend to be someone mildly famous to score a free drink.

10) Treat your fellow hens to a pole dance and have your photo taken doing it. If you can't find a bar with a pole that you are able to use then a lamp post on the High Street will have to do.

11) Get a piggy back from a stranger wearing a blue shirt to the next pub.

12) Find a way to get a free drink from the bartender for yourself and the bride.

13) Stand on a stool or similar and act as a statue for three minutes (no laughing or talking is allowed).

14) Pretending not to speak any English at all order a round of drinks from the bar. You must order the correct drinks. Use sign language or perhaps draw a picture to tell your bartender what you need.

15) Call every man in the next pub you visit Norman. When someone corrects you and insists they are called something else tell them that you don't believe them and ask for ID.

16) Arrange for someone no-one in the hen party knows to serenade the bride, the cheesier the song is the better.

17) Have a fellow hen take a picture of you dancing in a random stranger's shoes. The bigger the shoes are the better.

18) Climb on stage to sing a karaoke song and recite a nursery rhyme instead. You must keep a straight face and do all of the actions. Incy Wincey Spider is always a good choice.

19) Convince someone to buy a glass of champagne for the bride because "it is good luck for the person buying".

20) Talk only with a thick accent until you leave this bar. The other hens can choose whether this is French, Scottish, or a Yorkshire accent.

Do remember that failing to carry out a dare properly will result in a forfeit. Forfeits should be decided upon in advance and must be even more embarrassing that the original dare. This will encourage all the hens to follow through on their chosen tasks.

Have fun!

If you have any questions, please ask below!