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partyHow crazy is it that we can do so many things with our iPhones, but not even scratch the surface of the app store? There are almost 800 Thousand apps on the app store right now! Wanna know how many apps were on the app store in 2008? 800! So in 5 years that means the number of apps multiplied by 1,000! That's a huge deal! Those apps range from the obvious games, social networking, to the not so obvious like home security and music creation! Lets talk about some of the apps that could potentially make your home party amazing!

1. Food & Wine Cocktails


Everybody likes wine right? Well maybe not everyone, but most parties need drinks! If you invite a whole bunch of people over and don’t have drinks, you might as well shut it down! Find recipes according to category: Drinks by Spirit, Drinks by Type, and Drink-Friendly Food. Plus there are categories for Cocktail Tips, Top Bars and the best part-store your favorites!

2. JukeBox For Spotify


Okay first of all if you have not heard of Spotify… Stop reading this blog and check it out. I mean it. Google it NOW! What are you doing still reading this?? Oh right, you probably already know about it. Well, Spotify is pretty dang awesome. It allows you to stream millions of songs written by hundreds of thousands of artists from across the world. Have you ever used it for a party and you think you make a good playlist, but then realize it’s not what people really want? It’s okay. JukeBox has got you covered! The app actually lets you take all the songs in your playlist and everyone gets to vote on the order! So basically it’s a DJ by consensus! My favorite part about it all is that it turns the party into something social. Remember that? Parties that were social? Well as it turns out, if you like a song that's playing right now, you can comment on it and let the app and your friends know that you dig it! Use this for small or large parties too!

3. Wedding Party


Spoiler: It’s for weddings. I had the chance to see one of my best friends get married recently and it was so amazing! Everything was fantastic. She looked phenomenal the groom looked handsome, and I may or may not have brought the house down with my moves. One of the coolest parts of this wedding is that we all used the app called “Wedding Party”. Not only is the concept cool, but it even looks hip and cool. The idea is that everyone takes pictures almost all through the wedding anyway, might as well get everyone involved in uploading them! It turns your wedding into a hugely romantic social event. Don’t worry. They will still be focused on you, Bridezilla. You can comment on the wedding event, post pictures you have taken, and even like your friends photos. Check this free app out!

4. Alarm.comalarm-iphone

This is pretty freaking cool. I have a couple friends that are SO PARANOID whenever they are at a party or basically anywhere they go. We always tell them to loosen up a little, but nope… ” gotta get back home and make sure everything is okay!”. Everything is JUST fine! Well this app is for the paranoid party-goers that think they need to rush home.

I found a security systems company that utilizes this app for way cheaper than other companies do. Security systems get pretty pricey but i cant find any cheaper than this that offer the same packages. Essentially what you are able to do from this app is check to see if your home is armed, and even view live cameras of your home! That even start recording when you are being invaded. Too forgetful to remember to arm your system? It’s all good! Do it from this free app!

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