Free Anime, Just A Click Away: Websites to Watch Anime Online


Animation has grown way too far beyond our expectation. Anime has dramatically made its mark in consolidating its place and getting liked by numerous people across the globe. However, it is always a great hassle to find trusted and free anime content on the web. It is very likely that the users would land on some malicious sites in search of free anime. However, there are some of the websites which solve this purpose and provide countless entertaining anime shows absolutely free of cost to their users.

Such sites have the list of best anime shows and even notify the users about all their episode launches and provide all the necessary updates.

The Best Anime Sites To Watch Anime Series

  1. 9anime.to

9anime is certainly one of the best anime streaming sites available across the web. The website is nearly ad-free and hosts many amazing anime series. The best part of 9anime.to is that the users can get stream dubbed anime over there and even can get subtitles for several anime shows. 9anime has surely the best collection of anime based on different genres. This website is a good place for online streaming, and the users can even download the anime shows for later viewing which makes it one of the best website for die-hard anime fans.

  1. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime has a large number of fans worldwide and it is considered as the king of all anime websites because of its tremendous anime collection. The site consumes low bandwidth because of its design and loads faster than others. The site uploads anime in a similar consistent manner like YouTube and is optimized for convenient watching on various devices, may it be the mobile devices or the desktop PCs.

The users can watch their required anime shows from KissAnime free without even any registration, but for downloading episodes and participating in community discussion, they need to register for the same.

  1. Chia-Anime.tv

Chia-Anime is another online anime watching website which lets the users access all the popular anime series from all time and even the latest ones for free. The best part of this site is the faster update frequency. Chia-Anime uploads its series almost ten times faster than any other websites.

The anime fans with the frequent requirement of shows can get great support from Chia-Anime.tv with ease. The site also provides anime with high quality and English subtitles and allows easy downloading of content in a single click.

  1. AnimeSeason.com

AnimeSeason is popular because of the quality that it promises to the users. The site has a simple architecture and structured representation of anime content which allows easy access of shows by the users. The best part of the site is that it doesn’t provide any ads while watching series and thus makes the watching experience more blissful. The site has its online video player that lets the users watch subbed anime with proper captions and titles of each of the shows. The site has no search bar, but you can locate any of your required shows from its catalogue at ease.

  1. Masterani.me

This is certainly one of the anime sites with best graphics and user interface. The attractive layout of Masterani makes it look it as a premium site for exploring anime series. Each of the shows depicted has a proper summary and a bigger thumbnail as compared to other sites. The best part of Masterani is its review system.

Every content comes with a rating thus allowing the viewers to easily find high-rated series. For the ones starting new with anime can easily get good help from this site to find the high-quality content of anime shows for watching.

  1. AnimeStreams.tv

AnimeStreams.tv is also a great website for its easy navigating content and attractive design. Unlike any other website, AnimeStreams do not have flying banners or pop-up ads associated with the content making it more convenient for users to watch their required content. Users, searching for dubbed and subbed anime can get great support from AnimeStreams.tv.

It also provides anime on-demand feature where you can fill out a google form for requesting your required anime to be featured on the site.

  1. Gogoanime.com

Gogoanime.com allows the users to view anime series that are in the Japanese language and have English subtitles. This site also has great content which gets updated from time to time and has a great user interface too.

All of its features are excellent to use and are free of cost. Gogoanime also allows its users to get the services of anime site straight to their mobile phones through an app available for all iPhone, iPad and Android users.

  1. AnimeFreak.tv

AnimeFreak.tv is a great website for anime and manga lovers. If you are a great freak of anime, you can certainly get the best of services in this website. Apart from free shows of anime this website also provides manga to read latest anime series. You can browse over the genre tab to look over anime series based on the particular genre you like the most. Manga readers can easily read the manga comics on their website online.

  1. Watch-anime.net

This website has a clean and simple interface for displaying their content. The clean interface thus allows easy navigation of the anime catalogue on the website. Apart from anime series, you can also get anime movies and latest manga comics as a great addition for anime lovers. Watch-anime.net is undoubtedly the complete package for anime lovers.

  1. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is a legal anime streaming website that has a great collection of anime and is available in most of the countries. Some of the anime contents are free here whereas, for watching all the content, the users need to subscribe to the premium version. Premium version allows access to all the content and makes the subscription ad-free.


The above-mentioned websites are significantly some of the best websites for getting your favourite genre of anime content free. Anime lovers can be greatly benefitted with the exciting content and best in class services of the websites mentioned above. So go on and browse to any of these sites to get your regular anime dose.

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