Football Survival Kit: 7 Things Every Fan Should Have

Are you just getting into football for the first time? Or maybe you’re falling back in love with the game after losing interest for a while. Football is the UK’s most popular sport so if you’ve discovered a passion for the Beautiful Game, you’re not alone. So here’s our football fan survival kit: the seven things that every football fan needs to get the most out of their time watching the sport.


  1. The Sky Sports App

The Sky Sports Football Score Centre might well be the essential app that every football fan needs to have installed on their phone. Aside from keeping you up to date with the football scores as they happen, the app provides you with everything from video highlights from every Premier League and Football League game, in-depth match previews and reports, and even a pub finder to help you find where to catch the action. This app is all you need to stay up-to-date through the season with everything football.

  1. A Twitter Account

Many footballers and managers are active on Twitter and even if you’ve never got into this social media platform, it’s worth it just for some behind-the-scenes gossip straight from the people involved. You can follow your team’s stars and monitor their feed for the most accurate and up-the-minute news you could ever hope to receive. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with your favourite players and ask questions. What other opportunity are you going to have to be involved in a conversation with the stars? Some of the most consistently entertaining accounts include those of Gary Lineker, Joey Barton, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney.

  1. This Year’s Strip

Something that every dedicated football fan in England’s top division needs is this season’s Premier League kit. Whether you’re going to a game or just watching in a pub it’s important to have the most up-to-date shirt available. If you’re really keen you’ll probably be able to pick up a home kit, an away kit and in some cases even an ‘alternative’ kit.

  1. A Retro Strip

Perhaps even more important than this year’s kit is to get yourself a retro football shirt. Take a look back at some of the classic designs from when you were young. Many of them are now available and then can make you stand out from the crowd as well as showing off your long-term commitment to your club.


  1. Football Manager

One great way to get a grounding in the different players is try managing them yourself. Football Manager is the renowned management simulator that allows you to take control of virtually any team from around the world and try to coach them to success. This is an extremely in-depth game and allows you to get to grips with everything from clubs around the world to talented young players who will make an impact on football in the next few years.

  1. A Fantasy Team

One way to supplement the fun of the football season is to have a fantasy team. There are plenty of websites and apps offering fantasy football so just pick the one you like the best. This is a great way to follow the progress of players and better understand how the season is progressing. It’s also a great way for you to interact with your friends who follow football.

  1. A Favourite Football Blog

There are hundreds of excellent football blogs and podcasts that can keep you updated with football news and inside information. Some are team-specific but others offer a more general overview of the Premier League and football in the UK. Give a few a try to see if you enjoy them.

If you have any questions, please ask below!