Finding a Playset That Is Fun and Safe

wood-playsetAs a parent you might be concerned about the safety of your children when they go to an outdoor park to play. Between the number of child predators lurking around those places and the shoddy maintenance on the equipment, there are a lot of ways for your children to get seriously hurt. A solution to this issue is to put a playset in your own backyard, but that comes with problems as well. How can you be sure that the playset that you erect is any safer than the equipment at an outdoor park? Fortunately there are several safety features on modern playsets that make them safer than ever before, and by searching out a playset that has these features, you will have an area for your children to play that is fun and safe.

Vinyl Wood

One thing that you should look for is a playset that is made of a wooden frame that has been wrapped in vinyl. This style of playset offers a huge number of advantages over traditional wood or metal construction. First, the wooden frame is heavier than metal, so there is a smaller risk that the children will be able to turn the playset over. Vinyl wrapped wood is also absorbs less heat than a metal set, so the children will not burn themselves when they try to play outside during the summer months. Finally, vinyl covered wood does not splinter, crack or wear like a regular wooden frame does. This means that the children are protected from splinters and sharp edges, and the integrity of the structure will not erode the longer that it stays outside. A vinyl covered wood playset will last a long time and be safe for the children the entire time.


A playset is not complete without a slide or clubhouse of some kind, but getting to the higher places in a playset can cause safety risks. Children, especially young children, sometimes have trouble climbing ladders, or they are not safe when going up the ladder. When shopping for a playset you should look for one that has safety features built right in to the ladder itself. A feature that adds a lot of safety is a non-slip step. As the children play and their shoes get wet or muddy the shoes begin to lose traction. A non-slip step ensures that the child's foot will stay on the steps and you will not have to worry about your children falling off the ladder. Another safety feature to look out for are safety rails. Children often need help getting up a ladder, and the rails give them something to hold on to while they climb up. These are especially important for pre-school children, but should be considered as a part of any playset that you buy.

Rubber Coated Swing Chain

The swings are the most desired aspect of a playset, and your children will spend hours on the swings. The problem with most swings is that the chains are exposed and this can lead to serious hand injuries if the child's hand gets caught in the chain while swinging. Rubber coated swing chains solve this issue by covering the entire chain in a rubber sleeve. Now you do have to be concerned that your children are going to injure themselves by getting a hand wrapped in a metal chain, and you can feel safe knowing that the rubber helps to protect the chains from the elements, so there is a decreased risk of the chain rusting and then giving way mid-swing.

As a parent you want your children to be happy, but you also need them to be safe. If you are in the market for an outdoor playset, these tips will help you find the kind of playset that you need for your children.

Published on behalf of Sarah Johnson, and this article is a series of tips to help parents choose the safest playsets for kids. For examples of playsets that are fun and safe, parents should visit adventureworldgymsets.com.

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