Don’t use Layering Exploits in WoW Classic to Get Gold

Almost one month after the release of World of Warcraft Classic, there has been a lot of issues such as the trouble with server queue times. Each time, however, Blizzard has been hard at work trying to fix the problems for their players.

The more recent issue was something caused by Blizzards own technology which actually let people create endless respawns in some dungeons so they could level quickly and get gold. Well, Blizzard says no more. The company has issues multiple bans to those who exploited the laying technology to get gold fast or level up quickly. It might sound a little unfair considering those people were not technically cheating but using a technical issue caused by the developer. However, Blizzard explained their issue with it and it’s not just the concern for the gold economy either.

If the player does something to purposefully cause a glitch then exploits it for their own benefit, that is ban worthy to Blizzard. The layering issue meant that players had to do “some Very Weird Stuff” to cause it and then continued to do it. So the behaviour was obviously intended thus it was ban worthy. They see a difference between finding a weird exploit once and never using it again versus people who work out how to use and keeps using the exploit to farm dungeon bosses for EXP or gold. One is an accident and the other is exploit according to Blizzard.

Which means, don’t try to discover how to use that layering exploit to level up or get more WoW gold. It’s not worth having your account banned over.

How do you earn gold in World of Warcraft that won’t result in a ban?

  • Pick the right professions

You want something that involves gathering instead of crafting. If you gather resources, you can then use them to make whatever you want or sell them but if you’re a crafter you need to collect those resources before you can craft something and get gold for that. Plus crafting means you need to stop whatever your doing and focus on that instead. If you gather then you can continue to earn gold as you level up and playthrough the game. However, during the late game you might want to switch to a crafting profession instead.

  • Don’t just sell to vendors

Vendors don’t always give you the best deal for things but it does give you cash quick if you need it immediately. The best way to sell something is by selling it to other players in the Auction House. There are many items that players will spend a lot of money on including things you loot from corpses and dead enemies. There are also things like cloth which might not seem valuable but players always need it so it’s worth collecting and selling anyway.

  • Collect as much loot as you can carry

Collect it all then sell everything you don’t want! This includes the grey and white items, selling them to vendors is vital if you want to keep your armour in good shape during the early game. Plu ability training can be expensive!

  • Farm enemies

That does not mean use exploits, it means farm them legally and in larger numbers if possible. You want to kill them for the experience and the loot they drop, it means you keep on levelling and you get loot to keep or sell. If you want to make as much World of Warcraft gold as possible then you can also find others working towards the same goal to work with. Then you can work with a group for tougher enemies which would give you all better rewards. Also, there are lots of potential farming spots in World of Warcraft Classic so explore a bit and see what feel right for you.

  • The ‘right’ class

Some classes are stronger at farming enemies than others. Mages are adept at it due to their AOE and kiting tools which makes them strong solo farmers and also perfect for groups also. So you always want at least one mage on your farming team though other classes can work also when used in conjunction and with teamplay.

  • Making the most of the Auction House

The Auction House can be a wonderful thing for players looking to earn more World of Warcraft Classic gold. However, it can take some trial and error at times. You can just sell items as you collect them but some players do put more time and money into it. They will buy items at low prices then sell them for higher prices which means they also need to know a lot about the market including the current state of it, what items are worth buying and understanding that prices will fluctuate naturally. Another method is to try and monopolize a particular market by buying out all competitors then selling at whatever price you like since anyone who wants/needs that items will be forced to pay that price for it. The AH does require a substantial amount of money if you intend to use either of those two listed methods and it is also very risky to do this. Proceed with caution and don’t attempt it until later into the game.

Naturally, there are people who will sell you gold and items that you can sell yourself. It’s not advised you do this to get more World of Warcraft Classic gold. Blizzard does not sell gold so there is no official site. Buying gold from people can result in account bans or Blizzard may remove the gold from your account. However, there is a safe and trusted gold seller website which you can use to purchase gold risk-free at reasonable prices. You should stick to websites like that instead of individual sellers for your own safety.

If you have any questions, please ask below!