Decide on a Good Menu for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

No matter how easy it appears, deciding on the party food is indeed one of the trickiest challenges that parents face while organizing their kids birthday party. However, with a little bit of planning beforehand, deciding on a fab party menu can be really easy. You need not have to be an amazing cook for that. On the party day you will notice that the food is not the main factor as the kids are more interested in games, other activities and having fun.

To make the party food successful there are few tips to follow.

# 1 : Decide on the quantity of foods

The time at which the party is being held and by the number of party guests attending you can figure out the quantity of food required. Dinner and lunch parties required comparatively more quantity of food. If parents are invited to stay then it's a better idea to prepare extra food. If the party is in some other time of the day then you can prepare snacks.

#2: Take some time to make a list of foods to include / exclude

Here's a list of rules of thumb to follow and allow your guests to enjoy a fine dine experience.

  • Check if any of the little guests has food allergies. Then you can arrange some extra food and accordingly arrange to avoid any unwelcome situation in the party.
  • Also ask your children what type of food they want to be served in the party. This will make your child feel special as they will think they are helping you out for the party preparation.
  • Some of the examples of party food include fish finger, pizza, wraps, mini hamburgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, chicken wings, fairy bread, pigs in a blanket, sandwiches, sausage rolls, nachos, French fries, spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, popcorn, jelly, potato chips and wedges, mini pies etc.
  • Children also enjoy healthy foods such as cherry, tomatoes, carrot, cocktail franks, fresh fruits, creamy cheese dips, crackers, celery, cucumbers, cheese cubes etc. many kids like foods such as gourmet items then you will have to spend time in kitchen making this food for hours.
  • Kids love sweet treats. Try not to overdo it. Otherwise children will run around in the party. Some examples such as lollipops, cake-pops, chocolates, biscuits etc are loved by children. Something that is loved by both adult and children is cake. You can either bake a cake or buy a party cake. Try to match the cake with the party theme. You can search online for some ideas about cake decorations.
  • Party drink is another main option. For kids party drink you can arrange juices, soft drinks, water, cordial, fruit smoothies, and milkshakes. You can prepare fruit punch in advance and on the party day you can serve it with ice cubes. You can add fruit slices with it and pour the whole thing in a bowl. The ice cube will melt gradually and it will look more delicious.

Arranging For Entertainments in the party

Before arranging parties, always keep in mind that you will have to prepare something to entertain your kiddy guests as well. You can arrange bouncy castles or inflatable. Many companies offer good services at reasonable price that will be within your budget. These agencies help your event to be big and successful. To ensure safety, you can also request these agencies to send a responsible person to keep a check on the children riding on the inflatables. You can also arrange attractions like ice cream stalls, candy floss machine, and food stall with yummy food items like soft pretzels, hot dog and cotton candy. These will be enjoyed by the young guests. Hope you will have an awesome event.

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