Cute Horse Breeds to Keep as Pets

Unlike indoor pets, horses give you both companionship and ensure that you keep fit. Many people think that a horse is just another frightening animal. Those who keep horses as pets can disagree with this notion. Horses are one of the cutest animals created and come with various breeds. They vary in sizes, color as well as personalities. We will look at some of the rare kinds that bring out the beauty in horses.

Bashkir Curly

What makes this horse breed spectacular, is its sheep-like appearance. It has a curly coat and a beautiful tail. Its frizzy mane and curly eyelashes make it cute and different from other horses. This is a hypoallergenic breed that is ideal for anyone starting to train on horseback riding. If you are allergic to fur, this horse will not irritate your nose.

Bashkir curly has a sweet personality that children love and is reliable and patient with newbies. Its calm nature and intelligent character add to its beauty. Avoid brushing its hair so that it does not lose its curly hairs.


This horse is tall, strong and handsome. It has a wide variety of patterns and colors such as bay, skewbald as well as white marks. Most of these types are often used for spiritual purposes. The uniqueness of this cute animal lies in its appearance. It has ears that curve inward, a pronounced neck and angular shoulders.

People who compete in horseback riding love this species as it is fast and versatile. Its beauty makes it ideal for ceremonies where people decorate it with jewels and silver. Others train them to perform leap movements to entertain a crowd.

Miniature horse

This breed is a small size than the average big horses that we are accustomed to. Its size is appealing and attractive to children. Most of them range from 34-38 inches and also vary in coat patterns. They are bred to be active, agile and alert.

This is an ideal family pet that is friendly to humans. For you to regulate its flight instinct, you should take care of it like an equine. Apart from using it as a pet for your child, you can also use your miniature horse for horse shows.

Gypsy Vanner

This cute animal will leave you staring for a while. They are small pets suitable for young children. A Gypsy Vanner has impressive features such as a mane, furs on the knees to its hooves and a unique, beautiful tail. It has a flat, tiny and broad forehead as well as a muscular neck. The breed also makes this horse different in color though some of this breed have similar features.

Though most of these horses are widely used in horse fairs, you can still get this horse for domestic purposes. Its calm and docile nature makes it suitable to play with kids on your farm.


If you are used to excess hair on a horse, check out this particular horse breed. Its metallic sheen makes it appear shiny. It is known as the golden horse and believed to be among the oldest species that do well in various climates. The long ears, a sparse tail, and eyes shaped like almond add to its beauty.

The breeders of this horse say that it has high endurance and stamina since it has adapted to living in harsh conditions. Its sporty nature makes it ideal for various shows such as racing as well as jumping competitions.


The dun color of this breed makes it a rare cute animal. It comes with different variations that draw one’s attention. It may be smaller than standard horses, but it is strong and sturdy. It maintains a compact body with strong legs. The mane remains erect, and its neck is arched. Their large curious eyes make it stunning. It also has small ears and a flat forehead.

You can buy a fjord to use on your farm for it is robust to handle plowing, as well as pulling timber for construction. People with disabilities enjoy using fjord as it is friendly and calm. It provides you with a good ride with putting you in harm’s way.


The leopard spots on the skin of this horse make it glamorous. This breed ranges from pony sized to medium-sized horses. While most Knabstruppers have bay colors, others are born with chestnut appearance. Some other peculiar features in this horse include hooves that come with stripes as well as white sclera surrounding the eyes.

This horse is common in Denmark and can be used in dressage as well as jumping competitions. Others prefer them as pets to ride them for leisure. Clowns and magician also make use of this cute animal to entertain an audience.


What makes this horse different from a Knabstrupper, is the patterns of its leopard markings. While a Knabstrupper has distributed spots all over its body, an appaloosa has concentrated spots on one area. They also come in small sizes and perform well for diverse riding needs.


Just as the name suggests, this horse makes you feel like you are looking at a blend of beautiful colors mixed and matched. The gorgeous coats on this horse are like no other. It combines features of a stock horse and a pinto spotting design that includes different shades of colors such as white and brown spots. Paint horses may appear slightly different according to their genetic make.

The face, head, and neck bring out an elegance in a paint that you won’t find in normal horses. It is also a friendly horse that gets along well with people. We cannot forget to mention its high intelligence level. You can ride this horse in competitions as well as part of your relaxation techniques at home.

Final thoughts

The above cute animals will make you forget about any other kind of pet. Drop your fear for horses and get one that makes you relaxed due to its stunning beauty even before you start riding.

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